Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's has been ages since the last time I updated my blog.

Miss me, anyone?

This time, I finished all my tests, assignments, small group discussions, problem-based learning, lab reports and whatever you can name it :)

Except for one- the last BTE small group discussion which due on coming Tuesday :(

Week 14 coming and this means that final is just 1 week away!

If you ask me, 'have you done your preparation and revision?'

I can answer you, 'not yet ah'

Kah Hui stated something that I believed is true few days ago in SideWalk cafe.

He said: A semester is just a race, we will run with all strength we have in the beginning, at the time when we started to feel tired or the end point almost reach, people tends to feel lazy and started to slow down.

Just like some of us, when the final approaching and out of no reason, we tends to slow down our path, slow down our footsteps.

Seriously, all of us are tired, we almost exhausted this semester.

Thanks to our faculty for such 'awesome' semester plan.

Anyway, no matter how hard it is, we are in the ending point. Try hard, work hard peoples!

P/s: Thanks for the 'motivation'- Malacca trip :) I start to look forward to post-final :D


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