Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's weekend again...

it's weekend again...
normally i will spend lots of time during my weekend to do whatever i like to do... but not homework LOL
hmm... but because of biology quiz falls on this coming monday... so i have to hardworking a bit and do some revision and preparation for it... 1 chapter only~ err... shud be ok for me! this quiz contribute 5% to the total marks of our coursework =P gambateh everyone =D

actually i prefer the marks distribution method in college than in schools last time... during primary and esp secondary school, exam really made me super tension and experience tonnes of pressure... because 100% of our performance rely solely on exam results! if ur performance on att particular day not good or ur final result end up not tat "nice", thats it! u are considered kind of failure... no compensation for what u have done very hard during the whole year =( so sad...

but in college, for example, inti foundation programme which i taking now, 60% coursework 40% final exam... u can accumulate as many marks as possible in coursework... every single of ur hard work counts! =) but this method is only suitable for those who will consistently maintain their performance in their assignments, tests, quizzes, presentations... depends on which kind of method that suits u best =P

currently having problems with the pimples which parasite on my face! argh~ shoo shoo! I hate u all- pimples! go away asap! T-T any recommendation of ways to reduce pimples? T-T

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Buddy Outing ^^

Happy Buddy Outing ^^


上个周末过得很开心,星期六的时候和以前班上的好朋友,可薇,凯涵和俊腾到Bukit Raja的Jusco走走。。与其说是走走,不如说是谈天还贴切一点。。哈哈=) 我们一到了那里就往Mc Donald的方向走。。然后一坐就是四个小时。。哈哈^^谈了很多东西,update了很多讯息。。很久没有和他们出来了。。虽然只是谈天,但是很开心。。有空要常常出来哦!

然后星期天晚上又和另一班很好的朋友到Station 1谈天。。我的周末真的是充实!哈哈!很久没有看到碧娟,慧凌,诗咏了。。薇薇因为考试,所以这次还是没有看到她。。大家都有所改变了。。呵呵~也和他们update了很多消息。。原来我miss掉很多了。。哈哈。。谢谢碧娟到我家载我,过后又载我到外婆家。。=D

*ops! forget take photo~ ><*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cockroach @ Pizza Hut

Cockroach @ Pizza Hut

as the title explained, it is a not so good experience for 5 of us =(

first, we went in this Pizza Hut restaurant and chose a table that we always sit there... studied the menu and decided to order the Sensasi Delights meals which consists of the garlic breads, soft drinks, mushroom soups and 5 personal pizza...

after a while, the waitress served us the mushroom soups... looks like everything fine... but, when we taste it... it was cold >< my friends claimed that the soup looks like just take out from the refrigerator... so, for customers' rights, we requested for a change... well, they took back all the soups and change something warmer for us... at least better than the previous one... =S

then, when we was eating the garlic bread... one of my friend noticed something crawling at the side of the table! it's cockroach! quite disgusting and scary... but we tried to shoo it away using the paper handkerchief... not success! it fell to the floor...

afterthat, my friend who noticed the cockroach wanted to know where the cockroach went... so she accidentally knocked the side of the table, something like the divider between two tables... more and more cockroaches and insects came out and crawling all over the place! yucks!

we quickly moved to another table and informed the waitress... she just smiled =.= no response is done... what a good service... initially we planned to complain to the store manager... but we did't do it... during the whole lunch, kind of guilty feelings because all of us worried there are some other insects hiding somewhere in our foods =.=

hmm... we should have take photo of the xiao qiangss and show to the authority personal or department... the cleanliness of the restaurant and the service is really bad... aiks ><

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Test 1 finally over!

Finished physics test this morning... T-T not able to do every questions... very difficult if compared to all past year questions... 2 hours hav to complete 5 questions =(

Later got Awards Presentation Ceremony and i totally forgot about it =.= I din bring my formal wear and shoes as well... >.for borrowing me formal wear and Angeline aka Anza for borrowing me shoes =) Xiexie!

Tonight goin cheras connaught pasar malam again for the 2nd time =)

Monday, February 16, 2009



Wad i did during this weekend?

erm... saturday i went for hair cut =) the las time is few months ago... haha =D and the hair stylist still remember me lols XD coz i went there for the second time oni... like that hair saloon coz the hair stylist quite pro and of coz the price cheaper =P so worthwhile lur... he used 45 min again... haha XD and mum heard some other customers complaining "why need so long geh?" XD

then do some revision for physics coz our physics test will be on this coming wednesday =( just look thru the notes i copied during the lecture... got some brief idea on wad all the lecture talking bout... havent memorise the formulas yet ><><

gambateh everyone! =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day for everyone =) May all couples stay sweet and lovely forever!
Valentine's day can be celebrate by everyone, includes family and friends too =)
Dare to express your love ^^

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dinner @ Kajang

Dinner @ Kajang

1. To celebrate that we have successfully completed our test 1 for chemistry and biology.
2. To treat our taste buds some nice food in Kajang.

1. Make sure that your stomach is empty before go.
2. Bring more tissue paper and $.

1. Go Kajang. People involved: kent ren, me, angeline, teng ma, melanie and victor.
2. First place we went was *somewhere* serving spicy pepper soup 辣汤, alcoholic chicken 昭兴酒鸡, spicy chicken 火爆鸡 and etc. The foods were nice =) All of them ate 2 bowls of rice except me and melanie. Good recommendation!
3. Then, we went Kent's house instead of straight going for satay. Because too full! =D
4. Went for satay. 20 Chicken satay+ 3 ketupat+ onions and timun =)
5. Journey back to inti> MyBox! woohoo~

Fun+ Full+ Laughter! Nice dinner outing =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

phew~ test 1 done 2/3

phew~ test 1 done 2/3

hehe =) today is thursday again... so fast hor?

week 6 is goin to pass just like that =P next week is week 7 oredi... our semester 3 almost passed 50% le...

hmm... this morning i slept 5 hrs oni coz busy doin revision for biology... 1.45am sleep, 6.45am woke up... the questions came out much more easier than what i think... but this does not guarantee anything ><

yesterday chemistry also quite ok... erm... but i did some silly mistakes already >< each test carries 20% marks in overall...

coursework mark is IMPORTANT! in order to proceed to degree smoothly! =)

Meaningful Story

Meaningful Story

yesterday i read an email a friend sent me. quite meaningful and worth to think twice =)

the 1st story starts with long long time ago, a people asked an old man...

"in ur opinion, sun or moon is more important?"

the old man answered "of course is moon! moon lights up the earth in the night and sun shines on the day which its existence is something really redundant..."

is sun redundant?

the 2nd story takes place in a small countryside... one day, a young girl left her home just because her mum nagging her for some mistakes she did... she roamed around because she did not bring any money with her and no where she can go... she felt very hungry... suddenly she smelt something really nice at the roadside... there is a stall selling hot and tasty noodles... she approaches the stall...

the man that sell noodles asked her "young little girl, do u wan some noodles?"

she answered the man "yes, i'm hungry but i don't have money... i just ran out from my house coz something happened between me and my mum"

the man was generous and treated her a bowl of noodles...

while eating the noodles, the young girl told the man "uncle, u are so kind and caring towards me although we do not know each other... unlike my mum..."

the man laughed and told the girl "with a bowl of noodles, u considered me as a kind and caring man... how about ur mum who cooked and bring u up for so many years?"

thousands of thoughts suddenly flew in the girl's mind... she ran and cried all the way back to her house...

from far, she saw her mum waving and smiling to her... "where u went the whole afternoon? i'm so worried bout u... quickly wash ur hand and we are waiting for u for dinner..."


As a human, we never appreciate what we have and some even not realised it... we will take everything we have for granted... anyone thanks their parent before for bringing u up? think before how much effort our parent have to put in in educating us? But when someone not very close to us did something nice to us, we will feel very thankful and appreciate wad he or she did...

maybe u will laughed at that old man in the 1st story... but there are lots of people like him around us... we will not realise who is the one really put effort in taking care and love us because we are just used to it...

Enjoyz and make sure we are not the "old man" and "little girl" from now =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Funny Pictures!

Funny Pictures!

Actually these few pictures i took few weeks ago~ Before CNY i think when we went shopping for CNY stuffs at Giant supermarket...

Have a look at it =) Enjoyz~ Have a nice day!

All of these are clothes for doggy =) This one quite normal, just like normal human baby's clothes =)

Hmm~ Doggy also have their community =P This one is for Captain Team!

Master wears Von Dutch, while doggy wears Von Dog! Perfect match =)

Lastly, this one quite FUNNY! Me and my siblings laughed very hard when saw this! Only for PORN STAR! XD




最近还蛮开心的。。昨天去逛街的时候,去Harvey Norman看看兼调查!哈哈~至于是调查些什么呢,就先保密吧!哈哈~爸爸的性格还真是"看风向"的~XD 而且,最近家里也添了些新的东西哦~整个客厅感觉又会不同了。。不错不错~我心爱的电脑又加RAM咯~哈哈~



Saturday, February 7, 2009



Yesterday, as usual, I took 5.30pm bus from inti... and end up i reached home at about 7.30pm... Waste lotsa time in the journey from subang to klang although yesterday bus arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual... Serious traffic jam in klang area! My parent told me friday normally will jam more serious... why leh?

These few days have to prepare for next week and the following week test... Need work hard ourselves without depending on lecturers... >< haiz~ anyway jiayou everyone! First test in our 3rd semester...

Nothing much to update although nowadays I seldom post new entries =) Seldom online= less new posts! Haha

Thursday, February 5, 2009



It's a little bit late for me to post this... Anyway, thanks everyone for your precious birthday greetings! I received lots of birthday wishes from sms, thru msn, facebook and even friendster and some wished me face to face =) Thanks for the presents and birthday card too =D

Thanks again! I really appreciate every single one of the birthday wishes... Muackss~

Xiexie-Thanks-Terima Kasih

Monday, February 2, 2009

Red Cliff 2

Red Cliff 2

Yesterday we went TGV Bukit Raja Jaya Jusco to watch Red Cliff 2. I din watch the 1st episode but what i can say is... this movie is really worth to watch and really interesting... =) hmm... it is a huge production and i was amazed by the scene! According to them, this movie really used up very long time in the production stage and ate up lotsa money... Exceed their budgets for many folds...

It made us to understand more and have a great visual experience about the Emperor of China history... Other than that, i like one of the quote in this movie... something like "这场战争,我们都输了。。" (We all are loser in this war..) War do not bring benefit to any party, but only harms to those innocent...

Anti-War! Say NO to war!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Its my 19th Birthday =)

Happy Birthday
May all my birthday wishes come true!
* one year older ler *
* should mature a bit? *
* i think should stay cute and most important young! *
* i'm a big girl lur *
* 2-2-1990 is a special day! a simply unique human being borned on that day! *
* wahaha *
* Happy Birthday Huei Ying *
*this is a scheduled post*


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