Wednesday, July 30, 2008

twinkle twinkle little stars

i love stars...

monday nite, there were many stars on the dark sky~

dat nite... i got the chance to see the sky with numerous stars...

the first time i saw so many stars...

it was beautiful...

maybe it wun lasts long...

but at least i got the chance to see it...

it vil left a print on my heart forever...

p/s: friends vil help u to cure ur pain n sorrow... alwiz rmb... v r alwiz here for u =) to share happiness n sadness...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm happy =)

yeah~ i tink i told u all b4 i miss my grandma so much rite? jz now after dinner, v went klang parade shopping for some groceries... den afterdat, i tot v r goin bac hse... mana tau... papa agreed to fetch us to grandma's hse XD

i met my grandma n aunts =D i oredi din meet them for bout 2 months... miss them so much... muahahaha my aunt n grandma oso very happy to see me... popo wanna check whether i got grow fatter o become slimmer o taller onot XD they said got fatter oh =.= but height of coz no la... i dunwan to grow taller oso... i'm satisfied v my height XD

hehez~ den v chat for a while lor... bout my college life n sum other things... my sis told me my hokkien very funny =.= sumtimes i speak hokkien v my grandma coz she usually speak hokkien to us... but sumtimes she talk in hokkien but i reply in hua yu XD den my aunt noe our problem... so she usually speak hua yu v us =.= i can speak hokkien la... jz sound a bit weird =.=

stil rmb laz time when i'm stil study in kindergarten... i can speak hokkien fluently... coz i stay v my grandma (father side)... bt after she moved to stay v my uncle... i seldom speak hokkien coz v speak hua yu in hse n v frenss...

popo n ah yi... our next dating vil be 3 weeks later... see ya ^^

yesterday - today

yesterday after i came bac home... i keep on chit chat v mama as usual... telling her lotsa stories althought sum quite lame n cold hahaz XD thx mama for cooking delicious meals n wad i like to eat everytime i go bac home... i appreciate it... muacksss ^3^

den afterdat i chat v my sis... she told me sumting dat i actually oredi realised n knew... thx for remind me again... i shud noe wad i suppose to do ler... thx~ short n meaningful talk... wad u told me made me thought whole night b4 i slept...

today i spent quite long time doin my physics presentation slides... continue from where i stopped ytd midnight... finally it is done! i quite satisfied v it~ havent memorise wad i shud talk dat day... jia you~

later on... i helped mama v house chores... it is actually very simple stuff... but seems i so long din help her on dis oredi since i start study at college... so sorrie... i noe u busy for us everyday... miin, hao n yi... help mama lar... dun let her do everything for u all n keep scolding for the same reason everytime...

parents alwiz care for their child... listen to wad they say... "they ate salt more than u eat rice" ah... =D

everyone, drink more water n take care ur health... "An apple a day keeps doctor away" XD
jian ren, get well soon...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pic pic pic ><

louis, me, kent n kah yuong =)
haha~ i caught both of u red handed XD
mr aung =.=
anza aka angeline...
yoyo~ =) Kent, me n louis

Louis gorgor presenting...
eileen =D
mr loh dun sleep when ppl presenting lar... x hormat langsung XD
so sleepy oh? O.o
mr aung... the best lecturer in dis world XD

still rmb? our paper sampan =X
kah yuong... =)
our nigerian's friend - aminu
kent ren ^^

louis, me n kent ^^

Daily Routine in Inti UC

dis is wad i usually do in inti uc everyday...

1. Alarm ><

2. Wake up

3. Simple Breakfast

4. Walk to class

5. Class

6. Walk to cafeteria

7. Lunch

8. Walk bac to hostel

9. Sleep/ on9/ homework

10. Walk bac to class

11. Class

12. Walk bac to hostel

13. Do wateva i like =)

14. Bath

15. Meet friends at ELC

16. Walk out for dinner

17. Walk bac to campus

18. Go bac room talk smtg

19. Go Block N

20. "Group study"

21. yumcha time =D

22. Sleep-ing









虽然我常常在做正经事滴时候发呆 XD

呵呵 ^^


发呆可以让我天马行空的想东想西 XD




发呆爱我 =.=''

Thursday, July 24, 2008

phew~ it's over!

yay~ our test 2 finally over!

our test 2 for maths was quite easy coz all de formulas r given by the kindest lecturer in the world- mr aung =D but yesterday... actually i study till very pek chek coz suddenly realised so many things to absorb in a short time... i'm a multi-tasker ytd... studying + doin questions which i duno how to do + asking others for help + sharing my notes v kent ( which v hav to pass the notes here n there)... hmm... but it's over! wahaha XD

i tot our timetable vil b quite free coz all the lab sessions are no longer available n v nonid to attend to mpw classes... but... there are extra classes waiting for us =.= so dis week v hav extra classes for physics on wednesday n chemistry on tuesday n today...

* althought test 2 over jor... but final exam coming soon =.=
* 8 x 8 = 64 aka 8 + 8 = 16 XD u know who is HIM?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Gambate to...

our mpw presentation's group members... for our presentation at 2pm later...

gorgor... i duno wad happened... anyway jia you =)

everyone... be yourselves... be true to express ur feelings~

me... dun fall sick k?

p/s: 最近突然很感性,每天都在想很多东西,我有很多想法,很多东西想说,很多东西想分享,但不知该从哪开始~

who am i?

who am i?

can somebody tell me?

who am i to you?

i suddenly think of this question...

am i your friend?

good friend?

so-so friend?

best buddy?

am i nothing?

forever friend?

n another question...

young = inmatured?

18 = young?

wad is mature?

how to considered ones as mature?


1st presentation + class tee

i done my 1st presentation today...

i duno whether i did it well onot...

anyway, i vil hav another one 2mr (tuesday) for mpw...

v all wore our greenish class tee n successful in catching other's attention XD

v are pasukan pokok bergerak lolz =D

CFES rox~

at nite, they all enjoyz playing v the "cloning scripts" on msn...

they enjoyz themselves so much... hahaz


i cant change bac to myself la ><

i wan to be myself T-T

p/s: today my mood get a bit distracted becoz of sum incidents... cheer up, ying!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Paper aeroplane =D

hahaz~ ytd nite i threw my english process essay question paper from my room's window... coz i lazy to walk downstair n walk bac up again... so kent suggested how bout i throw from my room n they catch it downstair... =.=

so i went up my room... took dat paper n prepare to throw... den suddenly i heard sum1 said: "make it an aeroplane!" den i jz follow lo... after 1 min, my "aeroplane" done =.=

finally... my "aeroplane" take off...

mana tau... =.= after flew for few sec, my "aeroplane" terbabas... >< n flew to other's room window which is located at third floor =.= it is J3-16 if not mistaken XD then... no choice lo... kent cannot do his essay oredi... coz no question paper... he oso told me he not goin to do oredi... but at last he done it 2dy morning at 6.30am XD hardworking oh *clap clap* ^^

Today... some miracles happened!

dat "aeroplane" flew to kent's room XD and he took it n showed to me jz now! unbelievable rite?

hahaz~ jz joking XD dat is wad kent told me =.= ACTUAL case is...

after accompany me bac to my block, kent found dat "aeroplane" sumwhere near my block... i guessed dat ppl got dat "aeroplane" n tried to open n see wad is inside the paper... afterdat, she folded the paper again to become another "aeroplane" den threw it~ then it landed n kent found it =.= coz the shape of the aeroplane not like how i folded ytd nite... but dat is my paper... lolz

quite funny incident rite? XD

p/s: v played v paper "sampan" laz week when it was raining heavily... those passed-by us keep looking at these childish college students XD hmm... v r not childish kays? v r young! mentally n physically =D

是非题 =)

范玮琪 - 是非题

也许爱 越单纯越着迷








Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday night

it's sunday nite n i'm bac to inti once again =)

when i start study here, i hate sunday the most... coz i needa bac to hostel after spending my great time in my lovely home for 2 days... but nowadays de feelings nt there oredi XD maybe is becoz i oredi get used to it n i hav lotsa great frens here~

hmm... i oredi been here for almost 3 months... Inti hostel hav become my second home... i sleep in J4-17 more than my "twin-sharing room" in my hse after college life start... i oredi get used walking up 4th floor althought sumtimes it is super tiring =.= one hint when walking up the stairss: walk slow n steady, do not rush XD dis vil make u feel better.. hahaz

every morning i hav to set my own alarm n wake up myself... no more automatic alarm from mama =X everytime when i go bac home at friday, i hav a new hobby... dat is telling mama assorted stories n happenings during my days in college... she alwiz confused v my friends' names... hahaz coz she nv see my college classmates n friends b4 lolz... not like laz time when secondary skul, she knows quite many of my frens coz v noe each others for quite long time oredi =) mama, dis is a new challenge for u oh ^^

this week timetables:
Monday - 8-10am english
10-12pm chemistry ( v hav presentation!)
2-4pm maths

Tuesday - 8-10am physics
2-4pm mpw presentation! n chemistry replacement class

Wednesday - 8-10am english

Thursday - 10-12pm maths

Friday - 10-12pm chemistry
2-4pm physics

i love wed n thurs de most XD wahaha~

Apples on tree =)

So, girls, are u the apples on the top of the tree or those on the ground one? Hope all gals can found their right boy who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree soon =)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fair n Square

sumting happened jz nw made me feel like wanna write sumting here...

v hav different priority for different things in our life...

i think everyone understand dis...

but... v hav to really understand our role at the same time n decide wad shud come first n wad shud b next...

time... shud be divided wisely...

v kenot follow our heart all the time n jz do wad v feel like wan to do or like to do... n jz left out those v dun like to do althought it brings benefits to us... maybe now o future...

Set ur priority according to logical n wise thinking... Not 100% according to ur heart... =)

Friday, July 18, 2008


yay~ finally phy n chm test 2 over...

jz nw really pek chek when doin phy test... so many questions i duno how to do T-T haiz... nvm la... it's over =.=

dis week is really a very busy week... n de happy thing is dis week is over n today is my favourite friday again XD

ytd, i spent whole nite doin revision for phy n chm... from 8pm to 2.30am =.= i read everything again to refresh my memory n read those i havent revise... luckily i took nap after class ytd.... or else i sure pancing ikan whole nite =D

Task to complete dis weekend:
- english essays (process n pie chart)
- slides for mpw presentation (tuesday)
- lab reports
- chm presentation on monday =)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Instructions : Remove one question from below and add in your own question, make it a total 20 questions. Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?
~hmm~ nv think b4 oh... =)

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?

3. Do you smoke?
~Of coz nope

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
~question papers for physics n chemistry test 2 XD
~holidays XD

5. Who did you text most lately?
~junn terng

6. How old are you?
~ 18 =)

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
~my favourite shirt XD

8. Wad is ur definition for perfect bf/gf?
~nice n caring

9. Where do you wish to get married ?
~havent think b4 oh... lemme think 1st =D

10. Getting marry is going to heaven or grave?
~heaven i tink... bt sum told us is grave XD

11. How many kids do you want?

12. Are you in love?

13. Do you cheated by other people[s] before? Who?
~Yes.. frenz =.=

14. Name the latest book you bought?
~textbook F3

15. Do you believe in God?

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
~cycling ^^

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.

18. The most exciting place you want to go?

19. Hugs or Kisses?

20. Single or attached?

21. (BONUS) Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
~ pek kuan... easy going, nice, taekwondo's lover, sit beside me when form 1, her grandma's hse is near my hse =)

I tagged:
win loon, anza, mathew, miin =D

Summary =D

psps~ it has been few days i nv blog... busy-ing v many things...

dis is the summary from sunday to wednesday XD

during the scholarship give away ceremony in hokkien association, i met many ex-classmates n friendss XD ker wei, kaihan, jie hong, boon kuan, yan kiat, shu yi, hui sin, say yang.... so happy... so long din meet them oredi... lotsa things to chat bt duno needa start from where hahaz~ afterdat when went jusco v mama, i met yen loo n tze wei... hahaz

Our chemistry presentation cancelled~ postponed to next monday... n next tuesday i got mpw presentation...
after makan dat super un-delicious tomyam mee, v went haunted mansion =) the group included me, kent, win loon, angeline, victor, kah yuong, louis n yoyo~ v divided ourselves into 2 groups... in our group, angeline shouted n screamed the most =D
Haunted Mansion rated ***

Louis, Kent, Win Loon n sum other classmates got their mpw presentation =) sum of us went there to giv support XD at nite when v doin physics lab report at block N, all of us playing v yoyo's hair clips XD those guys looks cute v de hairpin esp victor wahaha

after super boring english class, 4 of us walked bac together as usual... den v chat at block N downstair there for quite sometimes... afterdat v fold paper sampan n put in water LOL made those pass by us suddenly SWT hahaz afterdat v moved to block K common room n continue our chat till 12.30pm... =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy day

Next week vil b an xtremely bz week...

So much things to do...

Not enuf time =.=

Monday - chemistry presentation
Tuesday - pass up english essay
Thursday - pass up physics n english assignment
Friday - Chemistry n physics test

2dy i hav completed quite many things... i think so =.=

2mr i needa prepare my presentations draft n do revision... haiz duno enuf time onot F3

I'm happy becoz
- i eat kuai leng gou 2dy =)
- i got my favourite Mars XD
- 2mr i can meet many friends n classmates =D

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today timetable:
10am-12pm Mathematics
1pm-2pm MPW
2pm-4pm Chemistry Lab

after mathematics class, v hav lunch once again v mr loh... Today topic is "computer games n geli thingy" LOL XD our chat last for 2 hrs O.o as mpw presentation oredi start n attending to class is optional, so v all choose not to attend dat class... hahaz

afterdat, v went chemistry lab... one of the experiment result is really nice~ it is colourful n v arrange it in rainbow colours~ those test tubes suddenly become cfes pop star n attracted many of us to take pics... hahaz

- Life is colourful... Love Life n Enjoy Life~

BBQ dinner ^^

Date: 9 July 2008

Time: 8pm

Venue: Inti BBQ pit

- to enjoyz ourselves aka syok sendiri XD
- to celebrate melanie's birthday
- to hav our dinner

Who: Lunch and Dinner gang =)

First, after 4pm class, kent fetch few of them to giant to buy our bbq stuffs... i din join coz i gt secret meeting v yuong n louis XD v chat at block R there until 5.50pm... wahaha =) den at 7pm smtg, v accompany kent to giant again to pick up de pre-order birthday cake...

afterdat, our BBQ time start! v all hav fun there... after makan, v hav a long chat while waiting for 12am to arrive... hahaz v chat bout lotsa stuffs... but mostly about love stories n experiences...

12am finally arrived~ Happy Birthday to Melanie...

afterdat, v continue our chatting session... go bac to my room at bout 1am ++

p/s: i met yee xin today in inti =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OMG~ 1st time Experience ><

8th July 2008 (Tuesday)

today 8tv came to our campus n got a roadshow to search for da ultimate prom king n queen... while walking bac after lunch from cafeteria to my hostel... 2 girls gave me the brochure n registration form... actually i dunhav any interest in taking part >< but yuong heard wad dat girl said to me =.= so she told louis n kent... they took dat form n simply fill in... den i tot it is de end of the story... so i kept dat form...

BUT... after the class... they dragged me to the roadshow and help me filled in another form... n under sum incidents... finally i took part =.=

first, there was a make over session... make me so nervous n tension zzz... first time sit there n make up in front of so many ppl =.= it took bout 30min... but the end product... ehm ehm... i so shocked when see myself in de mirror =.= nt like me... i prefer myself w/o dat make up lolz...

den afterdat was the photography session... swt i duno hw to posing la... so my friends said i jz gt 1 pose nia =.= the photographer gt showed me few samples... but after taking 3-5 photos, finally the photographer chose 1 most suitable one v another 8tv gal =) gan jiong sei me =.= actually when taking photo dat time, i gan jiong until duno how to smile... my face nearly kejang =.= n my hands n legs shaking =.=

den afterdat got interview session sumore... so i jz hold the mic n ans de questions they asked... sumting like introduce myself, reasons for them 2 choose u as ultimate prom queen, wad is the criteria of ultimate prom king n etc...

phew... then de session finally finished... super nervous =.=

thx to yuong for borrowing her face cleansing stuffs...
thx cfes gang support...

actually... it is a chance to experience different things when v r still young... althought in de first i refuse to participate n being dragged there =.= Spirit of college student n CFES rox =)

hmm... i oso quite shocked v my courage when signing dat form... wad i think dat time is... since they oredi filled in the form for me, jz paricipate oni la... but actually i super nervous =.=

Bravo! I have complete another 1st time in my life~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Love silently

Sumtimes, love silently is romantic...

Sumtimes, love silently is a kinda felicity...

Love from parents towards their children occur naturally...

No need to speak out but yet as a child v can feel it...

Small gestures from them can make me happy for the whole day...

Thx papa n mama~ muacksss ^3^

Before * After

Life Before 30 April 2008:

- Go popo's hse every Sunday nite
- Wake up 6.15am every Monday to Friday when i still a high school student
- Chat n play v frens in class
- Feel boring goin tuition in Delta every Tuesday, Thursday n Saturday
- Meet teachers n friends almost everyday
- Eat in Eng Ann stalls until duno wad to eat
- Go Eng Ann almost everyday
- Eat in school canteen everyday till sienz
- Go shopping almost every Sunday to KL
- Feel ntg special bout mama's dishes n foods in Klang
- Go Sunway Pyramid o gaigai v frens easily
- Go pasar malam on thursday
- Mapling v frens

Life After 30-4-2008:

- I wan go popo's hse coz it has been a very long time i nv meet popo n aunts... miss ><
- Wake up depends on my class schedule
- When in high school, v alwiz chat n play when teacher teaching esp form 4 n 5... (during certain classes XD)
- Now, sumtimes miss my time in Delta
- After graduate, i nv meet my teachers n hardly meet my classmates o schoolmates... Best friends oso T-T all r so busy...
- I miss Eng Ann foods...
- Nowadays i seldom pass by Eng Ann le... T.T
- I miss keropok n yee mee in school... ker wei n my secret recipe on dat mee XD
- I miss Mid Valley, Ikano, Times Square...
- I miss mama's dishes n all foods i used to eat laz time
- Now all of them are so busy... our outing plan keep fail =.=
- Long time din go pasar malam le... I wan yoyo ice, rojak...
- Din touch maple for so long le... miss de time v chiong level 2gether n xplore the maps... =)

I miss those time... Doesnt mean dat my days nowadays not gud... it is interesting oso =) jz dat my life change a lot after i start my college life...

I only know how to appreciate them now T-T

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wad? no electricity?

"it was a wonderful n romantic nite again laz nite...

OMG! no electricity again...

when i start on9 at bout 9pm... de electricity went off for 2 times oredi... but resume after few seconds... luckily i'm using laptop bt pity my sis who r using desktop who keep restart her computer... pity her n dat computer oso F3

den i gt ntg to do n watch kungfu panda..."

dis is wad i type on 8pm+ =.= (autosaved)

b4 electricity went off AGAIN tonite =.=

jz nw i tot after blogging i wan continue to watch my kungfu panda coz ytd nite i watch halfway... laptop low battery jor... F3

mana tau... SWT

haiz... no electricity pity my hands n legs... so many mosquitoes love sign =.=

Thx to andrew n yuong... i really enjoyz my free sauna n romantic nite XD

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dinner time ><

scene after dinner =.=
ryan n win loon LOOK after eating dragon fruits =.=

makan-ing =)
our specially prepared mee... lolz
chicken sausages...
cincau drink =)
omg... i duno wad v all doin =.=

masak in progress...

kent - 1 of our chef XD

busy cooking sausages... hahaz

giant sausages... save $...
cincau =)
ryan - another chef
ryan king 2nd take ^^

kent act cute again =.=
our simple cooking utensils... make gorgor nearly pengsan lolz...
Perencah Nasi Goreng =)
Buruh Minyak Masak Bertapis
Whose hand is dis? O.o

ytd v went giant supermarket in nilai after class to buy sumting needed for our dinner cooking session... my 1st time cook in college hahaz...
our budget is only rm30+... so v chose all ingredients wisely... hahaz
den v start at 6.30pm... seems like v r lacking lotsa things... dis made gorgor nearly faint... LOLz he quickly called his friends to help us out XD
althought the taste is nt super delicious... but it is quite nice oso =) after eating de mee... v hav cincau drinks oso ^^

Next time v'll hav steamboat n fried rice... i tink so... XD

this is wad i think...

ytd nite after a long chat v friends, i realised many things...

sumtimes it is hard to decide dat which is correct o which is wrong... all hav to depends on from which perspective u view dat matter... relationships among ppl is complicated... normally u'll hav to adapt urself to the environment around u in order to survive in dis society... u kenot blame anyone if u get isolated from others when u dunwan to change according to the surrounding o stand firmly v wad u believe... maybe wad u believe is correct... or maybe it is wrong oso... in certain situations, believe to wad u believed is gud... but in sum other condition, it is definately unable to work out in dis way... dis is the fact... dis is the society...

most of the time, u'll never know how others look at u o even their comments o opinion on u... maybe it look ok o juz nice from outer appearance bt it is actually nt... jz like rotten apple... sumting to share~ don't judge a book by its cover... =)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CFES's Spirit =)

ytd v gt physics class n mpw test... the mpw test is quite easy (i think so =.= ) but i think it is quite tricky at the same time... so i don't know whether i did it correctly onot >< v oso get to know v'll b having physics test 2 soon =.=

v went for our dinner at 6.45pm at usual... at al-salam... den after dinner, v all do our physics lab report togehter at dining hall... i did the aim, procedure, precautions n calculation parts... afterdat, v all went sport hall to kacau the orientation activities for jpa students... v r seniors for 2 months lolz... v jz sit at the side there... so at first, they helped me to tie my hair den duno y sudd played v my hairs =.= n took many ugly photosss... >< ugly n scary =.= dis is cfes's spirit... like few days ago, many of us play "train"... v hold each other jacket (coz dat day very cold... raining whole nite) n walk from LRC to cafeteria... many ppl looking at us lolz... according to them, cfes oni do stuffs that mensia-suikan only... not sia-sui one v normally don't do... =.= cfes stil gt wad sia-sui things havent do de? =.= dis is de spirit of college student lolz XD v r intians!

den 2dy, v gt 8-10am english class... ms malini seems like nt in gud mood... so she wan those students who din complete their homework to stand up in class n oni can sit down after they answer question. dis make me quite shocked coz normally lecturer wun do like dis =.= bt luckily i did it b4 i slept ytd nite =)

2-4pm v gt physics lab... again... v did smtg really outstanding lolz XD v sit outside the lab while waiting for mr loh to come n open de lab door... while waiting, all of us r too boring... so they planned to sing sum songs when v saw sum1 coming to our direction hahaz... v made them "swt" XD spirit of cfes n college student again =)

to: kent n vic
v are pinkish gang today! hahaz

to: win loon n ryan
those photoss nt gud for health... delete it bah =X

to: all my lovely friends
i love u all n friendship forever =)

to: my family
dun jealous... i love u all too =) muackss F3


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