Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Working vs Studying

Hello all! (Not sure if there's still anyone checking this blog since it has been abandoned for so long)

Frankly speaking I have forgotten the password for this blog and after multiple tries, TADAA I got it right!

The last post before this was during university time. And now, I'm a working adult who already rolling in working life for 2 years 4 months and still counting.

Working vs Studying

Which one better?

I prefer my study life (yes, life). The university time, the crazy moments with friends, holiday comes so easily (I miss semester break), random discussion and chatting session, midnight yumcha time and etc.

BUT, I do not miss "study" time. I still dislike exams. I dislike assignments.

And working life for me, means more flexibility, especially I'm working as a sales. I earn my own money, I can manage my own life better, stressful but less stressful in another sense (?). After works means after works, boss don't pay me after works, after works means it's me-time. And at least I know, if I work, I get what I should get. But less holiday. (Argh, I need holiday, badly!)

And during study, I'm 22 and below. Now I'm 25.

How fast time flies? 
See ya!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A night to remember

First time in my life.

I'm attending a BALL night.

Although it wasn't perfect, but it made a great memories to remember.

Too bad I wasn't going with any partner. But...

I was blessed with a whole gang of friends!

The event started grandly. When I first stepped in Sheraton Imperial Hotel, I was wow-ed by it's grand-ish. The only thing good about the event was the atmosphere.

The foods I have no comment on it. But definitely it could be much more better.

P/s: I stayed overnight at Melanie's and Jamie's room after the ball. Guess what? Initially I was planning to drive back home right after the ball, and therefore I didn't bring my room key. My dad was strongly against when he knew that the ball will end so late. No choice, I got to find somebody kind to adopt me for that night. Here's you know who are the kind friends that adopted me that night :) Thanks for everything!

Saturday, August 27, 2011









Week 1 过得很精彩!成功!*鼓掌*

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pre-last semester post!

Last semester of my degree life will starts in 2 days time. Will be doing 12 credit hours, should be a light semester to go :) Hope for everything to go on smoothly!

Will off to A'Famosa Malacca tomorrow with my Tortoises. Will be spending 2 days 1 night there. A much waited trip after-so-long :D

So many things happened, so much changes took place.

I take it as natural flows. I want to take everything lightly. Just appreciate everything I have now. Everything in Your time. ILY.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Results out!

One more semester left and I'm no more a student.

Time really flies.

Nowadays when I'm watching Korean or Taiwanese drama featuring high school students or university students as story background, somehow these thoughts will flies over my mind: Aww very soon, all these are gonna be so unrelated to me anymore! Sigh.. I feel old.

Got my results yesterday and the outcome was something kind of like, expected. Still, PTL for the results!

Gonna work harder for my coming final semester, the last war!

P/s: I'm worry and had a mixed feelings now. Pray hard for wisdom to pour upon him to do good decision.

Monday, August 1, 2011












Friday, April 29, 2011

Dust on windscreen

Normally before I start my journey back to my home, I will clean the windscreen with the wiper and by spraying some water on it before that, of course. Today I forget to do so.

When I start driving, the dust on the windscreen formed a thin layer of shield that make me very uncomfortable. Just because I cannot get to see the road, cars, scenery as clearly as I could if I clean the windscreen.

This leads me to an important thought.

Just like us, in life, if we do not come back to God regularly, something may just shield our visibility to Him. They might be your own emotions, own desires, sins, time... When all these present, we tends to forget He is the powerful one and in Him, everything is possible.

So just wipe the "dust" away now.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

All or Nothing

Following Japan's major earthquakes, tsunami came, nuclear plant explosion occured...

Watching news in TV last Friday night, saw a car in highway, when the driver saw the tsunami waves coming, he trying very hard to drive away from the waves and save himself. As we all know, that was impossible. Mankind is just so weak and helpless in the hand of natural disasters.

Be it natural disasters or human that caused all kind of damages to the world that leads to all these, what will you feel if you're in the situation where Japanese are in now? Terrified or feel helpless?

Have we ever think of, what is the value of life? What we really want in life? What is the meaning of life? Is it just fame, money, career, achievements? Worth thinking questions for all :)

P/s: If earth really ends someday, it is just an 'ALL or NOTHING' situation.

I love you all

Monday, January 17, 2011

First Japanese class

Attended my FIRST Japanese class just now. Ali Sensei is nice and humorous. If to mention, the only not-so-nice thing is I'm all alone in that class. First time attending a class without any familiar faces. But, it is still okay for me because I guess the situation will be better after sometime, hopefully.

Hope I can make some new friends there.
Hope I have enough courage to speak to others.

P/s: On the way back just now, I got a feeling: "I miss the times 6 Tortoises spent together!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

6th semester

6th semester in my degree made me sounds so old compared to all freshmen who just joined the big family in Inti. This is my 9th semester stayed here since May 2008.

I still remember the first semester I'm here, I was telling my friend: I feel myself so young here! And now the feeling was 180 degree different *laughs*

Time flies and I'm 21-to-be-soon! In about half month time :) Some people might not understand why I'm so excited of getting old and increasing in age isn't something happy to them. But for me, 21 meant a lot to me. I assumed.

This semester started few days ago, on Monday. This was my first time feel so reluctant to go back to Inti, to my hostel. I supposed, it was because the break was too long and I'm getting lazier day by day, maybe? Or because of something that bugging me all these days.

However, I enrolled myself at MPH hall right after I reached Inti. I received sms from Nicole and Jason telling me that, German and Japanese class were full. I was thinking in car: Yeah I guess I had no choice but to take French. Japanese was actually my first choice.

I reached MPH and met Ms Everlynn. She told me I'm the last to enrol for my batch. That time was 1pm plus. And with some sort of sad face, she told me, SSC class was full too.

But thanks God, I still managed to enrol for 4 subjects. Thanks Ms Everlynn for kept on trying, I got a place in Japanese class! And the other 3 core subjects I am taking this semester was Bioinstrumentation, Genomics and Biotechnology Practice.

Met CF's Jason on the way to 8am class the next day, and he told me that his friend managed to get a seat in SSC class. They opened new classes and he asked to me to inquire at MPH. I was overjoyed when I finally got a slot in Learning Skills class. Knowing that I might not know any classmates in my Japanese and Learning Skills class, I still okay with that, I can make new friends! :)

Another mess came in when I went back to my room. I can't start my laptop. Sent it to Brothers PC Shop and the technicians there told me, it might be the motherboard problem. I experienced the feeling of ultimate loneliness during the first week in Inti. No internet access, no laptop, no homework, no books to read, can't sleep due to I slept too much! and I'm again over excited when Melanie told me, Friday is Negeri Sembilan's holiday! :)

Another happy news is, I met Boon Teck in my Learning Skills class! And now I know Kah Hui will be there with us too :)

I went back home after Wednesday 10am-12pm class. Skipped Thursday 4-6pm class. Went to Acer Service Centre HQ at Subang Jaya with my dad, my poor laptop is inspected to die from 'Motherboard Cancer'.

R.I.P. my lappie!

Good things always come after the bad. So I got a new baby lappie! :)

In such short time, I experienced a lot. Things get solved up one by one. That's why I said, ' Most of the things started in a messy way but thanks God, all ends nicely!

P/s: I finally made one thing clear, it is very clear now! I think it's time for me to move on :)


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