Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 5 coming!


My BTE Test 1 settled! So fast so furious LOL

That signals the start of this semester first test, and will continue to have test for the following 3 weeks.

Looking forward to the weekend after Microbiology test which is 3 weeks away from now :D

Pulau Pangkor~ I'm coming!

Btw, any nice recommendations on which hotel/ resort/ chalet to book there? I never been there before, I need advices!

Yay! I looking forward coming Sunday outing with tortoises family :D

Will meet Junn Terng, Kaihan and KKT!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time flies!

Week 3 past. Week 4 coming.

Time really flies.

Rate: unknown- real fast!
Test 1 is all coming. Principles of Biotech will be the first, kicking start on this coming Thursday.

Gotta start doing revision besides rushing assignments and lab reports.

This semester ain't so bad after all, I hope I can cope with it well :)


I was quite happy to hear that my blog sometimes can gives inspiration :D

I was kind of addicted to blogging before this, but I slowly cut down the frequency of blogging.

Not purposely of course, just I'm too busy and sometimes really don't know what I can write.

I not wish to share everything here as it might intrude my own privacy and maybe blog is someway too public for me to express everything?

But at the same time, I do share thoughts and stories with friends or peoples I trust when they approach me face to face.

Influenced by someone, I dislike virtual stuffs such as MSN, Facebook or blog to share and chat on something real and important.

Something to share:

Believe and wait patiently. Have faith :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I should appreciate!

Life will be getting very busy starting next week.

Imagine that we already got extra class for Microbiology on the FIRST WEEK! How crazy!

I complain a lot, I nag a lot.

I worry for things that yet to happen. I start worry even before I enroll for this semester.

Sorry to Kent Ren especially. He is the pity one that needs to absorb everything I nag :(

Now I feel much better. God blessed me with a smart brain, or at least better than many out there. Not to boastful or anything, just feel that I should appreciate.

Life isn't life without obstacles and challenges, isn't it?

Surpass everything and things will go on smoothly and it will end one day.

P/s 1: I had a very nice weekend and outing last Saturday. Hope there are more chances in the future :)

P/s 2: Ice Kacang Puppy Love and IP Man 2 are awesome! Highly recommended!


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