Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 more week!

Left one more week and I'm going back to busy life!

Semester 5 and it's a short semester. Not sure on what subjects and how many subjects will I take this time, but I hope, two is enough for me :) Immunology, here I come!

Actually, I felt so grateful when I know that I no need to face Biochemistry next semester again! Bye Dr Palsan! :D

These few days went out a lot and not forgetting two more awaiting me- one with terng, andrew and kkt and another one with hui ling, pek kuan, shi yong and wei wei :)

P/s: Party is going on in my house. it's my sis's class party!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast + Morib Beach

As instructed by daddy yesterday night:

Be in the car by 7am tomorrow morning! We are going to Sepang Gold Coast!

We all was like: WHAT? why so early? :(

Dad's reason was: you all want to get bakar-ed? if not, better be early!

Okay, I set my alarm 6am today!

We woke up on about 7am :D

Anyway we went for Klang famous Bah Kut Teh before departing to Sepang Gold Coast.

*i know someone must be jealous-ing and drooling when seeing this*

*Yes, Ryan Chong, I mean you!*

The destination located far from what we imagined. Hmm it took us 1.5 hours drive if not mistaken. The journey was long but we filled it with stupid jokes and chatting sessions as usual :)

Finally reached! Today was Raya day, so the whole beach 90% visitors are chinese! Common sense, I guess we also won't go beach on our first day of CNY :D

I like the Golden Palm Beach resort which they actually built their chalets unit on the sea! Each chalets have their own platform to view sea and beach scenery! I heard my friends said the sunset view there is nice, too bad we went early in the morning :(

We asked for permission to go in for visit, but the guard refuses us because he said today all chalets all fully booked! WOOTS! He asked us to come on normal days then we can go in and walk around :(

Took some pictures around and walk with bare legs on the beach was awesome! The sand there is super soft! Much softer than Pangkor's! :)

Then we proceed to Morib Beach on the way back. Didn't go down the beach because it was already noon time, and the sun was super sexy hot! Bought yuyu ice and some fried snacks there :)

then, Journey back to Klang!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I do stalk your blog

( chocolate 炮冰- Aeon Bukit Tinggi )

Too bored.

And I was stalking friends' blog around :)

Reading others blog are like traveling around the world FOC, walk into their life even thought we are far apart or may not able to meet regularly :)

I like beautifully taken pictures, especially those study abroad and travels around. Now I own a digital camera and one day, when I'm financially independent, I'm going to own a DSLR. *wait patiently*

Reading friends' blog allows me to catch up news from friends. I saw two friends maintaining their relationships for almost 5 years! Who said all youngsters nowadays are playing around? I hope to see them tie a knot in the future :)

P/s: Going to start watching this drama tomorrow- 谈情说案 The Mysteries of Love! I know I'm late, but late is better than never *show tongue*

I want to see
Fireflies at Kuala Selangor!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Above the clouds!

Last Sunday, I went Genting with my family for one day trip. My last visit to Genting will be few months back with tortoises family before Jie Hong flies to Japan.

We reached very early, to be exact, 7.30am! The outdoor theme park counters are still closed so we waited in Theme Park Hotel. The breeze was too cold and yet, mom forgot to bring her sweater!

Failed to be the first customer because some people went in earlier than us. Nevermind, we are still Top 10, i guess. HAHAHA

Roller coasters and everything, started to operate when 6 of us sit on them! Feeling like we had booked the whole theme park :D

Had a nice vacation with family filled with laughters, cooling breeze and the love ones :)

P/s: Terng and 'yongtaufu',
don't forget your assignment! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Look for my blog!

Just a short update for this moments :)

I have new header and new template!

Any comments?

P/s: I made the header myself!


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