Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Above the clouds!

Last Sunday, I went Genting with my family for one day trip. My last visit to Genting will be few months back with tortoises family before Jie Hong flies to Japan.

We reached very early, to be exact, 7.30am! The outdoor theme park counters are still closed so we waited in Theme Park Hotel. The breeze was too cold and yet, mom forgot to bring her sweater!

Failed to be the first customer because some people went in earlier than us. Nevermind, we are still Top 10, i guess. HAHAHA

Roller coasters and everything, started to operate when 6 of us sit on them! Feeling like we had booked the whole theme park :D

Had a nice vacation with family filled with laughters, cooling breeze and the love ones :)

P/s: Terng and 'yongtaufu',
don't forget your assignment! :)

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