Thursday, September 9, 2010

I do stalk your blog

( chocolate 炮冰- Aeon Bukit Tinggi )

Too bored.

And I was stalking friends' blog around :)

Reading others blog are like traveling around the world FOC, walk into their life even thought we are far apart or may not able to meet regularly :)

I like beautifully taken pictures, especially those study abroad and travels around. Now I own a digital camera and one day, when I'm financially independent, I'm going to own a DSLR. *wait patiently*

Reading friends' blog allows me to catch up news from friends. I saw two friends maintaining their relationships for almost 5 years! Who said all youngsters nowadays are playing around? I hope to see them tie a knot in the future :)

P/s: Going to start watching this drama tomorrow- 谈情说案 The Mysteries of Love! I know I'm late, but late is better than never *show tongue*

I want to see
Fireflies at Kuala Selangor!


  1. EHLOOO! Huei Ying! :)
    hahaha..yea i do believe some youngsters having their relationship for years..some till they got married..cos those are matured..they are committed :D..
    nice to know your blog.. :D

  2. Hi Sally!

    It's my honour to have you here :)



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