Friday, July 31, 2009


Got back my MCB Test 2 paper just now.

Although nothing to be proud of, but at least I saw some improvements compared to last test :)


Will go to PC Fair this Sunday with family :)

This is my 2nd time going to PC Fair. The 1st time was last year December if not mistaken. The fair is held in KL Convention Center. I still remembered last time I also went on the last day. Very crowded and almost walk bumper to bumper. Hahaha

I got an equation from the PC Fair. The price of the IT stuffs is inversely proportional to the degree of packness in the convention halls.

The event is normally held for 3 days.

The 1st day, price okay, people lesser, less pack.

The 2nd day, price cheaper, people more than the 1st day, packer.

The last day, price cheapest with lots of discounts and promotions, people mountain people sea, packest!

My job on Sunday: shopping, shopping and shopping!

not for me, I help friends :)

Giving vs Receiving

Life is still so busy as usual :)

In approx one week time, the climax of each semester-- final is coming!

Wish me lots of lucks! Thanks :)

Realized something recently and while reading some others blog...

Sacrificing and giving are something that people willing to do for the ones that they love and care for without account for any repay. They will always hope for the best to their love ones.

Last time when I encountered this kind of scene either in movie, dramas or even story books, I always thought that, that were quite impossible in real life because everything seems to be so dramatic :)

Remember not only to receive, but to give as well.

永远记得,施比受更得福 :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Full Marks!

Monday we celebrated Sher Lynn's birthday at cafeteria :) We all have fun there and hope she enjoyed the celebration too :) Happy Belated Birthday again! 18 already, you're legal!

Then these few days busy study for BTE test initially falls on today. Suppose now is the time for our test. 4-6pm. Postponed suddenly by missie yesterday because Inti will be having fire drill on that particular time LOL All extra classes, tests and quizzes shall be cancelled because of that. I skipped her class yesterday so I got all these info from anza. :)

Got back my Maths and Statistics test 2 paper back on Tuesday. Surprisingly, I got full marks for my test 2. So unbelievable! As i only got half for my test 1 =X so much differ hahaha nvm my hardworks paid off XD *not much hardworks actually, just study for a night :) *

Planned to skip tml UCC class for the 1st time this semester :)

Final is coming very soon. Aug 10-14. Gambateh!

Monday, July 27, 2009

1 plastic bag 20 cents

Today went Ikano Power Centre with my family.

Parked at The Curve and then walked to Ikano. Mutiara Damansara has become a shopping centre city :) Bridges linking few shopping complexes together. Ikea-Ikano-The Curve-e@Curve and i guess more to come.

Went to Popular Book Fair at Ikano. I bought nothing although many books on sale up to 80%. Saw some books really sold at rather low price compared to their original price. You can easily get a book at RM3 :)

Then go Ikea. I always like Ikea showroom :) My future house must look like that. *winks* Bought something for my wardrobe there. An organiser that can use to keep small thingy, such as socks or belts :)

So after walked around the whole showroom and the market hall, we went to cashier. Realised that Ikea have implement new policy on plastic bag. Every customer that require plastic bag will be charge 20 cents for each plastic bag. U can also buy Ikea Blue Bag at Rm1.90 each.

For me, I think this is very good way to encourage people to reduce plastic bags usage and of course to bring their own shopping bags whenever they go shopping. Money is the only way to increase awareness among people to save our mother earth :)

So remember to bring ur own shopping bags next time when u go shopping ya. Reduce plastic bags usage, save our mother earth!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Money fly away :(

Quite long since I last updated my blog.

Pity little bloggie :( Too bad the owner is too busy recently.. Will visit and update u more when I free har... Guai guai for the moments okies? :P

Yesterday I went back home straight after MCB class. Thanks to Kent :)

Not straight away actually. Something happened when we reached the car. His car got locked up by the guard. Really sweat.

We parked the car somewhere near academic block D. And without noticing that-- that particular parking area are just meant for Inti staffs only. If u all notice that before, the notice board is very small compared to the big area of parking zone. And the place we parked the car was much more far far away from the notice board. Some more, there is no number plate. So for common sense, who knows that place is strictly for staffs?

So we asked the guard and he told us that we needed to pay the fine with the letter at Finance Office before he can unlocked the car. RM30! What a ridiculous amount of fine with "Illegal Parking" stated in the receipt! Inti is too money-orientated and maybe this is one of the way they earn money also. Who knows?

Who will be happy after lost RM3o suddenly? Nothing to comment about. Just be careful next time and look around for any notice or sign before do anything in anywhere :(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today, we only have class from 2-4pm. Follow by BTE quiz on 4pm =) Hope i can do well =)

Woke up quite late today... muahaha XD

Rarely have this kinda chance this semester because most of the class starts at 8am =.= what a time that we hate the most =3 LOL

Weather today: cold and misty? i guessed it rained whole night, but i think the "Genting" view was most probably cause by haze =(

"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."

Joseph Addison

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i dun hav any ideas wad title to put for this post... so i let it be "blank" =)

nowadays, all of us are busying with tests and lotsa other stuffs that get me hair-wired =(

Test 2 for Chemistry was completed yesterday. Not too bad gua i think =3

few more are coming soon and followed by Finals! omg =.='' one more month!

and tml we will have Quiz 2 for BTE aka Intro to Biotechnology... *haven't prepare yet =.=*

Life getting busier and busier.

Realised one thing just now during MCB class.

"Just concentrate with what I'm doing now and don't worry about others stuffs"

made me felt better when I'm tense up.. =)

Oh ya... Those "nice" memories brought by PD beach were still leaving its love marks on my legs =(

*small creatures really can brings BIG destruction!* so scary man *shivers*

Gambateh everyone!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stay sweet forever!

Today is the big day for my cousin sis =)

Grats for ur wedding with ur Mr Right ^^

They are very sweet!

I liked their wedding pictures slideshows which they played during the dinner =)

* the best entertainment during wedding dinner normally will be the karaoke part! LOL*

* Chinese's wedding dinner time= Initial time + extra 1.5 hours* =X

Some random pictures I took during the dinner to kill the boredom of waiting...

*actually this one is the souvenir they gave, thats y not clear*








Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd

50% of 2009 past in a glimpse and now is July already...

Got back my Molecular Cell Biology test paper yesterday. Not satisfied. Need to work harder. Need to change my learning style as she said, "not suitable for a degree student".

Faced many problems recently. Luckily, everything get solved 1 by 1. Now almost gautim already. Assignments and all tasks lined up waiting for me. Heavy burdens for me. *ngek ngek* i will clear up all with no mercy! XD

That's the short update for today! stay tuned ya =)


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