Friday, July 31, 2009


Got back my MCB Test 2 paper just now.

Although nothing to be proud of, but at least I saw some improvements compared to last test :)


Will go to PC Fair this Sunday with family :)

This is my 2nd time going to PC Fair. The 1st time was last year December if not mistaken. The fair is held in KL Convention Center. I still remembered last time I also went on the last day. Very crowded and almost walk bumper to bumper. Hahaha

I got an equation from the PC Fair. The price of the IT stuffs is inversely proportional to the degree of packness in the convention halls.

The event is normally held for 3 days.

The 1st day, price okay, people lesser, less pack.

The 2nd day, price cheaper, people more than the 1st day, packer.

The last day, price cheapest with lots of discounts and promotions, people mountain people sea, packest!

My job on Sunday: shopping, shopping and shopping!

not for me, I help friends :)

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