Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love weekend!

I actually did lots of stuffs during this weekend.

First of all, trimming my hair after Pasar Pagi with mummy and sister. Shorter and nicer, I supposed? The hairstylist was funny. He kept on finding topics to chat with me during the hair-cut session, but finally he gave up LOL


Because I will just answer what he asked precisely and brief. Maybe I still not used to talk a lot with people which I not yet familiar with :( I will try my best in this.

Then went shopping today with family. Bought a pair of nice shoes in Opera :)

Tomorrow got to wake up very early :(

-Last day of being 19-

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unconditional love

I love the journey back home every Friday.

I think a lot during the 1 hour journey.

Or should I say, many thoughts turn around my mind whenever I'm in that kind of mode.

I love to have conversation with myself. In heart.

Through this, I see the 100% real me.

I start to really appreciate everything around me, especially people.

I cherish my family and friends a lot.

They are the best asset in my life, they are irreplaceable.

I love them

-Unconditional love-

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Really very long time never update my blog :(

Let's highlight some updates during this 2 weeks!

I went Dim Sum with my family last last Sunday. I love Dim Sum but I hate waking up early in the morning.

I like this the most! Crispy sesame outing with pandan lotus paste fillings :)

P1010859.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Har-Gao :)
P1010860.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Char Siew Pau :)
P1010861.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Just post up some to make you guys drooling :D *I actually snapped very few pictures because I busy eating LOL*

We all went very early because my sister have to arrive her workplace by 10am. She seems like enjoy her work so much with a bunch of crazy new friends :) Happy for her but no leave for her from now on if not mistaken because Chinese New Year is approaching and these will be the days when everyone go for a new pair of shoes! For your information, she works in a shoes shop temporary until CNY eve :)

Then last Sunday, we went Ikea, Ikano Power Center and The Curve!

Saw some CNY exhibition in Ikano Power Center.

The Bonsai. A small bonsai can cost up to RM238. I saw another one with price tag RM6999!

P1010866.jpg picture by smileaqua90

It's very hard to shoot a picture like this. I mean without anyone inside because children likes this pondok thingy. Climbing up and down non-stop!
P1010867.jpg picture by smileaqua90

So CNY feel! I love CNY! :D
P1010868.jpg picture by smileaqua90

I like this picture :) Correctly focused!
P1010869.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Red is the colour for Chinese New Year!
P1010871.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Pussy willow plant :) Parents used to put this plant as decorations in our house as decoration during CNY :)
P1010872.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Red lanterns!
P1010873.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Artificial flowers. Random shooting while waiting for mummy at Ikea :)
P1010874.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010875.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010876.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Quite sometime never been there already, and I bought a nice shirt from Kitschen! *Hint: I tried that shirt before in TS!*

I love CNY decorations in The Curve :) So nice!

Long bamboo with colourful lanterns. The happiness and prosperity feelings.
P1010877.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010878.jpg picture by smileaqua90
P1010882.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010883.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Wishing cards :) You can write some messages for anyone you love and hang it on the tree!

P1010886.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Preparation for Drum Performance

P1010891.jpg picture by smileaqua90

I like this :)

P1010900.jpg picture by smileaqua90

View from first floor :)
P1010902.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Oh ya! Not to forget that, I have changed my specs! Anyone noticed that? :) It's time for my old pair of specs to retire =P

P/s: I might not have time to update as frequent as I did during semester break. Life is getting busier and busier. I have tests on 3 consecutive weeks until Chinese New Year break. Non-stop assignments and lab reports too. I guess that will be the only time I can enjoy to the fullest :) Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had been MIA (missing in action) in my blog for few days.

And it's time for me to REAPPEAR again LOL

Really hardly can find some time for me to update my blog since I have been busying for my homeworks for few days.

Mainly lab reports, argh Lab Reports kills my time and me x.x

Tests are coming very soon. The first one will be next week Wednesday- Genetics Test 1!

Following by Biology of Organisms and Biochemistry. Each per week until the week before Chinese New Year.

I love dinner time the most everyday. Chatting and laughing is the best moments of the day :) Or I should say, buddies are the best! :)

Ryan said: "Laughing is good for digestion" That's why we laugh everyday :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Times Square Outing

Sorry for not posting anything these few days, and I actually skipped Project 365 for 2 days.

Anyone noticed that? :)

I am too busy. Stacks of homework awaiting me and tests coming soon :(

Thursday was the very FUN day which I went Times Square with my friends :)

Met at 9.30am then took KTM to KL Sentral followed by Monorail to Imbi.

The whole KTM journey was suffocating and tiring. We were sardines of the day.

Standing all the way from Nilai to KL Sentral. Actually, standing isn't the main problem, but the train was so full which everyone seems to stick together. Warm air around, the feeling was just so eww!

Besides the train part, everything was just awesome! :)

Have our lunch at Room Eighteen. The foods there quite okay but not much choices actually.

I ordered Fresh Shrimp Wanton Noodles.

Ryan, Melanie and Victor

Wan Xin and Komalaa :)

Camwhore session is FUN!

We did some crazy stuffs that day. Not "some" actually, is "a lot"!

We went in many boutiques and tried out clothes that we think they are nice or even FUNNY!

One of the clothes I tried in Kitschen. Nice right? :)

I like this picture!

Times Square CNY decoration! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

"Model Photo shooting" session starts!

Ryan in Ah Beng's attire LOL

Ryan and Kent Ren in red! :)

Nenek-look! "Special" pyjamas chosen by guys :D

The outing was full with laughs and fun!

Initially we went there without any plans, but end up we have so much fun :)

My first time trying out so much clothes in a single day, I believed this was their first time too.

Looking forward more crazy outing with them :)

Visit Ryan's blog or my Facebook for more pictures!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 365: Keyboard

13-1-2010 Keyboard

Saw my initial on keyboard? LHY :)

Today I had 3 hours lab and 4 hours lectures.

My brain got nothing during Biochemistry lecture. The lecturer said he wasn't feeling very well and "got something very wrong inside".

He dismissed the class 1 hour earlier which I don't know is a good or bad news.

I think we have to work hard ourselves starting this semester. They treated us as Year 2 student and think we can handle everything by ourselves.

We got to be independent!

Tomorrow is Negeri Sembilan's public holiday! :)

I'm happy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365: Lab Coat

12-1-2010 Lab Coat

This semester I have 8 hours lab per week, which are 3 hours Genetics lab, 3 hours Biochemistry lab and 2 hour Biology of Organisms lab.

I actually like lab session but I hate doing lab reports!

Especially the discussion part :(

If I get involves in research works or working in labs, I guess I'll have to make lab reports my friend. LOL

I love Reports. Reports love me?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365: Paper Lunch Box

11-1-2010 Paper Lunch Box

Today I have Biochemistry lab session from 10am-1pm.

First time having 3 hours lab, which we did 2 experiment per session.

Everything was quite ok but experiment 2 was a mess!

Lecturer never explain on procedures or briefing on each experiment before we start like last time. Careful reading of lab manual is a MUST this time.

Few of us combined in a group and performed experiment together. Except Kah Yuong, other group members are new combination :)

And except for the mess part, the cooperation was actually quite fun.

After the lab session, I went Dining Hall to tapau my lunch.

Forgetting that Inti will goes green starting this semester. I forget to bring my own lunch box.

The uncle gave me a paper lunch box instead.

This was my first time using paper lunch box and I actually scare the box will absorb water and break.

But luckily it didn't :)

Much more nature-friendly if compared to polystyrene box :)

But if can, bring own lunch box will be the best way to save mother earth.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365: Stacko!

10-1-2010 Stacko!

Had a great night with friends in Station 1 yesterday night.

A Farewell Party which also looks like a class gathering.

5 hours from 7.30pm to 12.30am.

Bon Voyage and all the best to Boon Kuan and Yen Loo in America!

P/s: I have posted all photos taken in my facebook. Feel free to tag yourselves! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365: Muffins

9-1-2010 Chocolate Muffins

I bumped into this Chocolate Muffins recipe in today newspaper and reminds me of Kenny Roger's muffins!

I like the aroma and taste of that muffins.

And I remembered I made a promise to learn how-to-make muffins.

Yay! So today my mission is to make delicious muffins! Thanks to the recipe!

Mum bought me chocolate chips and butter. While I have other ingredients in home :)

Easy and simple procedures resulted in yummy home-made muffins!

I can proudly said, it taste almost exactly like Kenny Roger's muffins!

Yum Yum :) Happy.

P/s: Will be attending Yen Loo and Boon Kuan's farewell party later @ Station 1 Eng Ann :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 365: Crystal Ball

8-1-2010 Crystal Ball

Today morning went Giant with Melanie, Wan Xin and Komalaa for some groceries shopping :)

Today is my first time taking taxi LOL

I didn't buy anything and just follow them for fun because staying in room will be very boring :(

After shopping session, we have KFC as lunch together! :)

Nice outing :)

Before going back to room, I had a really long and nice chat with Melanie. Having someone that shares similar experience understands your problem most, this is what I can said. :)

Due to 4-6pm class, I took 6.15pm bus back to Subang today.

Rain heavily on the journey.

During the way back home, I saw dark skies on my right hand side windows.

But when the bus turns, I saw beautiful sunset.

I think this phenomenon is to tell us, good thing comes after bad ones.

Be positive and everything will be alright.

Who knows on the next turning point will be beautiful and astonishing sunset? :D

Love. Life. Live

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365: Thick Book

7-1-2010 Thick Book

He said he will need to use this textbook every lectures.

He said he will teach page by page.

No senior is selling this book.

This is a new edition Biochemistry basic text.

We need this textbook for 2 semesters.

This is my first time buying new textbook!

This textbook eats my RM89.10!

My purse got a hole :(

And this book really heavy.

I wonder how I carry it to each class of Biochemistry?

Today I attended 3 lectures: Biology, Biochemistry and Management.

Boredness killing me. Nearly fall asleep in 4-6pm classes.

Luckily tomorrow I only have one class.

But unluckily that class falls on 4-6pm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365: Push pins

6-1-2010 Push-pins

Kind of run out of idea what to capture these few days since I stay in room most of the time.

Saw this colorful box of push-pins in my drawer.

Ting-ting-ting! I chose push-pins today.

They are very useful for me to pin up papers onto my cork board. They changed a newer cork board for me during this semester break! :)

I can feel that this semester is going to be very hectic. The words told by lecturers are scaring me off!

I need textbooks for Genetics and Biochemistry! Hopefully can get a second-hand one from seniors :)

I got my first Genetics assignment today. Luckily it is a group assignment and due 4 weeks later. Got to finish it as soon as possible because workloads are going to be quite heavy after this!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365: Hostel

5-1-2010 Hostel block viewed from my room

The block in the picture in Block K, which is a single male block.

Red-roofed block somewhere behind there is off-campus accommodation- Desa Palma Apartment.

Attended Management class just now. Kind of different with what we normally learn because this is a business course. But too bad, the class is boring.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365: Timetable

4-1-2010 My timetable

Got up very early in the morning and got prepared to go back Inti because daddy only free in the morning time :)

Spent around 1-2 hours just to clean up and unpacked all my belongings.

Wiped everything, swept floor, mopped floor, fix curtains, mattress cover... too much to mention everything.

Excluded all the labs session which only starts on second week, I only have 4-6pm Biology of Organism class.

Have dinner with friends at 7pm at Al-Salam. My first dinner this semester.

Then went for sing-K session at MyBox! That has been a quite long time since I sing K with friends :) We had fun and crazy moments!

I have 4 subjects this semester. Good Luck for eveyone!

P/s: I might not be able to post up the pictures I took everyday when regular classes commence. Or when internet line here not favor me to do that :( I will try my best!


Project 365: Pre-Back To Inti

Picture for 3-1-2010

The consequences of fully-check out last semester.

This time I guess this I can called it FULLY CHECK-IN.

Took me almost 2 days to repacking my stuffs :(

These are all my belongings that need to move back to J4-17 tomorrow morning.

My new semester is starting tomorrow. Classes starting tomorrow also.

Wish me all the best! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 365: Water droplet

Picture for Jan 2, 2010

This will be my first attempt in capturing water droplets. I shoot this pic at my house backyard this afternoon, which is a rainy day :)

While preventing my camera from got wet by the rain drops, I let my hand and arms got wet instead :)

I shoot 4 pictures and this will the one which I most satisfied among them :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365: Nail Colors

Project 365: A photo a day for 201o

I saw this Project 365 idea when I was blogwalking yesterday.

Basically, the title tells us everything. What we need to do is post up a photo of the life around us in own Facebook account to share with the world :) A photo a day for 365 days, simple!

You don't necessary to start this project on Jan 1. You can start it whenever you like.

This isn't a hard job since camera is everywhere. Handphone camera, compact camera, anything will do :)

I will give it a try. In Facebook photo album or here :)

More info you can visit!

This is my photo for 1-1-2010 :)

Elianto is having promotion for their nail colors recently. Only RM 1 each. Tried brown colour last few week when I went J-card member sales, but I didn't buy any. I just applied it on one of my finger using tester. The colour actually lasts long! This time give the pink colour one a try. The nail color remover not bad also, got strawberry and grapes scented :)

All nail colors in my house. From left: 2 from Silky Girl, the third one is the one from Elianto and 4th is nail color remover. The last two if not mistaken, bought long time ago from Hot Market when they stock clearance.

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year 2010!

I feel so exciting when the clock strikes 12 indicating new year has arrived :)

Fireworks are nice but I watched them through TV!

One day I'm going to Taiwan on New Year eve and watch the fireworks myself! :D

P/s: I will go back Inti on Jan 4, this coming Monday.


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