Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365: Nail Colors

Project 365: A photo a day for 201o

I saw this Project 365 idea when I was blogwalking yesterday.

Basically, the title tells us everything. What we need to do is post up a photo of the life around us in own Facebook account to share with the world :) A photo a day for 365 days, simple!

You don't necessary to start this project on Jan 1. You can start it whenever you like.

This isn't a hard job since camera is everywhere. Handphone camera, compact camera, anything will do :)

I will give it a try. In Facebook photo album or here :)

More info you can visit!

This is my photo for 1-1-2010 :)

Elianto is having promotion for their nail colors recently. Only RM 1 each. Tried brown colour last few week when I went J-card member sales, but I didn't buy any. I just applied it on one of my finger using tester. The colour actually lasts long! This time give the pink colour one a try. The nail color remover not bad also, got strawberry and grapes scented :)

All nail colors in my house. From left: 2 from Silky Girl, the third one is the one from Elianto and 4th is nail color remover. The last two if not mistaken, bought long time ago from Hot Market when they stock clearance.


  1. u sure love paintin ur nails huh? haha. i used 2 like it but got lazy recently. XD

    btw, i used 2 buy elianto but their quality dropped alot. very fast dry up and also falls off easily. =( they also removed the metal ball (if u know wat i mean) in their nail polish already. i think revlon and silky girl are not bad tho. =)

  2. oh dear, the nail remover is bad. Seriously, you should try some other brands if you could afford =) As for the colours, try skinfood's, they do give better colour as compared to elianto although both are from KOREA. =)

  3. Oh, Elianto had the same promotion at my place too... But i like skinfood more ^^

    Maybe i'll give the Project 365 a try too ^^

    All the best LOL

  4. Elaine New: I like to do it only when I really nothing to do LOL Will observe the quality while I'm using it. Thanks for the suggestions :D

    lengar: Okay I will give skinfood a try next time :) Thanks!

    anza: Haha second Skinfood's supporter in this post! See you next Monday!

  5. Happy new year :) And good luck with with P365!

  6. See you next monday ^^
    I'm proud to be a skinfood supporter =)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy new years to you too! Link me!

  8. happy new year! so fast you've got ur 1st pic d...I still hvnt' post mine

  9. Wow you've got your first pic d! Happy New Year by the way

  10. yeah~ i think i will try this too!!! sounds good!!

  11. wah wanna post photo everyday?sound great but maybe little hard..heh good luck.. happy nu year too.. hope it's not too late! heh!

  12. Nav: Thanks! :)

    anza: 2 more days! :D

    Ariff Suffian Zainal: Happy New Year!

    Karen: Looking forward for your 1st pic ya ^^

    ah_thew: Hehe let's try this out together!

    F I T: Ya, the main point will be to do this continuously for 365 days :)

  13. Hi there!
    Project 365, not bad! i will start my project 365 once i m ready! perhaps, i ll do it on 365days of different food! LOL


  14. erm i think i wanna post at least an entry everyday..hehe 365 post per year!

  15. desmondChua: Good! Then we can go your blog when we are hungry LOL

    F I T: Good idea also :) Keep it up ya!

  16. gooooooooooooddddddddddd luuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!
    i will become boring for 2 weeks liao sob sob........



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