Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365: Muffins

9-1-2010 Chocolate Muffins

I bumped into this Chocolate Muffins recipe in today newspaper and reminds me of Kenny Roger's muffins!

I like the aroma and taste of that muffins.

And I remembered I made a promise to learn how-to-make muffins.

Yay! So today my mission is to make delicious muffins! Thanks to the recipe!

Mum bought me chocolate chips and butter. While I have other ingredients in home :)

Easy and simple procedures resulted in yummy home-made muffins!

I can proudly said, it taste almost exactly like Kenny Roger's muffins!

Yum Yum :) Happy.

P/s: Will be attending Yen Loo and Boon Kuan's farewell party later @ Station 1 Eng Ann :)


  1. I like your photos! What camera & lense you used? (:

  2. you have an oven?
    gosh, how i wished i have one too!
    I WANT TO BAKE and im a GUY!! haha!

  3. Jas: I'm using Lumix FS-15. Just a normal compact camera :) I did some minor editing on colour contrast and sharpening.

    Dylan Phuah: Yes I have an oven in my house :) Hey I like baking too!

  4. hey...i wan to eat...!!!

  5. hey thx for dropping by
    lovely muffins!!
    i love to bake also!haha..
    but i suck at making an icing for my cupcakes

  6. grrrrrr.... MUFFINS!!!!! yummy!!!!! can i try one? HOHOHO. lol

  7. muffin !! u are makin me hungry.. kakakaka =P

  8. feel so hungry after i saw ur tasty muffin.


  9. LOvely muffins and blog layout! Do visit me too :)

  10. Wah... I can make muffins too!!! Heheheh.....

  11. Lol~ belanja all of us eat muffin ya :D request from all of the blogger :P

  12. gorgor: Come! I make for you next time :)

    loves fashiondiva X0X0: Thanks for dropping by too!

    ☆ Ryan ☆: Sure! Got chance let u try.

    emoonevanna: Thanks :)

    Nick: HAHA eat the picture! :D

    ★Moon★: Thanks! :D

    Rabberbits: Thanks. I like those muffins very much too. Will do it again when I free.

    PoisonKagero: Sure :)

    ah_thew: We should exchange muffins next time :)

    Bruce828: HAHAHA all of the blogger means I have to make a lot lo?



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