Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365: Thick Book

7-1-2010 Thick Book

He said he will need to use this textbook every lectures.

He said he will teach page by page.

No senior is selling this book.

This is a new edition Biochemistry basic text.

We need this textbook for 2 semesters.

This is my first time buying new textbook!

This textbook eats my RM89.10!

My purse got a hole :(

And this book really heavy.

I wonder how I carry it to each class of Biochemistry?

Today I attended 3 lectures: Biology, Biochemistry and Management.

Boredness killing me. Nearly fall asleep in 4-6pm classes.

Luckily tomorrow I only have one class.

But unluckily that class falls on 4-6pm!


  1. Huei Ying, ur book is considered cheap edy.. mine is like 151 CAD.. which equal to 400 smth.. Hahaha.. my wallet really got hole liao... But, enjoy the Biochemistry!!!! weeee.... Biotech rules!!!!!! GAMBATEH arr!!!

  2. Ya I know. Because lecturer told us, his book is US version which costs him about 160 dollars! Biotech rules :)

  3. Haha~ My book are even thicker than urs leh~ Wan compete :D

    But thx GOD i got my book from library~ no need buy :D Ha~

  4. Bruce828: Haha this competition, you win! :D But this book already quite heavy to carry around, cannot imagine how will be the life with thicker book :)



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