Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365: Paper Lunch Box

11-1-2010 Paper Lunch Box

Today I have Biochemistry lab session from 10am-1pm.

First time having 3 hours lab, which we did 2 experiment per session.

Everything was quite ok but experiment 2 was a mess!

Lecturer never explain on procedures or briefing on each experiment before we start like last time. Careful reading of lab manual is a MUST this time.

Few of us combined in a group and performed experiment together. Except Kah Yuong, other group members are new combination :)

And except for the mess part, the cooperation was actually quite fun.

After the lab session, I went Dining Hall to tapau my lunch.

Forgetting that Inti will goes green starting this semester. I forget to bring my own lunch box.

The uncle gave me a paper lunch box instead.

This was my first time using paper lunch box and I actually scare the box will absorb water and break.

But luckily it didn't :)

Much more nature-friendly if compared to polystyrene box :)

But if can, bring own lunch box will be the best way to save mother earth.



  1. No no no, bring own lunch box to save 30 cents...
    Of course to save mother earth too ^^

  2. well, its actually sort of gross if it gets to absorb some amount of sauce of liquid. but for the sake of our momma's earth, i dont mind! haha

  3. my uni did this many years ago liao =.= even got come out in newspaper le LoL (i commented here as u wanted me to do?

  4. i've never use paper box lunch box before!

  5. Hehehe!! Cool box!! Like it so much... not bad arr, inti!

  6. yea.. go GREEN!!!!! =) hehehe.. my hostel cafe is using that too

  7. anza: Paper lunch box still creates garbage. So we better bring own lunch box next time when tapau :)

    ☆ Ryan ☆: HAHA the bottom of the box will eventually feels like a bit wet. I guess because of the steam from foods :)

    Andrew: LOL finally you appeared here F3

    jolene.:HAHA this was my first time also :)

    ah_thew: If not mistaken, they actually charging 30 cents for each box. Can save earth and save money on polystyrene lunch box, so nice right?

    Nick: Oh! Yay Go Green!

  8. Support. Even it also creates garbage, it is biodegradable, not like polyform which will maintain its shape for at least a few decades. :)

    However, it is not cheap. The manufacturer should lower the price to save our environment.

  9. Haha~ Never saw a paper lunch box before :D

    Go green girl~^^

  10. eh can we use paper to make lunch box?? didn't it melt when it touch with water?



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