Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365: Timetable

4-1-2010 My timetable

Got up very early in the morning and got prepared to go back Inti because daddy only free in the morning time :)

Spent around 1-2 hours just to clean up and unpacked all my belongings.

Wiped everything, swept floor, mopped floor, fix curtains, mattress cover... too much to mention everything.

Excluded all the labs session which only starts on second week, I only have 4-6pm Biology of Organism class.

Have dinner with friends at 7pm at Al-Salam. My first dinner this semester.

Then went for sing-K session at MyBox! That has been a quite long time since I sing K with friends :) We had fun and crazy moments!

I have 4 subjects this semester. Good Luck for eveyone!

P/s: I might not be able to post up the pictures I took everyday when regular classes commence. Or when internet line here not favor me to do that :( I will try my best!



  1. haha...enjoy ur new semester...
    huh...u're so lucky with only 4 subject lolz...
    i had 6 for my next sem...

  2. uen6ueak: Thanks! Enjoy your holiday too and good luck for coming semester. But 4 subjects are enough to kill us :(



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