Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had been MIA (missing in action) in my blog for few days.

And it's time for me to REAPPEAR again LOL

Really hardly can find some time for me to update my blog since I have been busying for my homeworks for few days.

Mainly lab reports, argh Lab Reports kills my time and me x.x

Tests are coming very soon. The first one will be next week Wednesday- Genetics Test 1!

Following by Biology of Organisms and Biochemistry. Each per week until the week before Chinese New Year.

I love dinner time the most everyday. Chatting and laughing is the best moments of the day :) Or I should say, buddies are the best! :)

Ryan said: "Laughing is good for digestion" That's why we laugh everyday :)


  1. Haha~ finally reappear :P I'm also busy with report and assignment, all the subject for this semester are really hard this time~

    Do update occasionally when u free ya, will always check on ur update^^

  2. hope to see more 365 projects! Laughter is the best medicine...keep laughing...=0

  3. should update more often or your project 365 will be in vain. >.<



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