Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A night to remember

First time in my life.

I'm attending a BALL night.

Although it wasn't perfect, but it made a great memories to remember.

Too bad I wasn't going with any partner. But...

I was blessed with a whole gang of friends!

The event started grandly. When I first stepped in Sheraton Imperial Hotel, I was wow-ed by it's grand-ish. The only thing good about the event was the atmosphere.

The foods I have no comment on it. But definitely it could be much more better.

P/s: I stayed overnight at Melanie's and Jamie's room after the ball. Guess what? Initially I was planning to drive back home right after the ball, and therefore I didn't bring my room key. My dad was strongly against when he knew that the ball will end so late. No choice, I got to find somebody kind to adopt me for that night. Here's you know who are the kind friends that adopted me that night :) Thanks for everything!


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