Saturday, June 27, 2009

When virtual become reality...

Last Thursday, I went for Transformer =)

with kent ren, junn terng, ker wei and one special guest!

What I so called "when virtual become reality" LOL

That special guest was Mr Andrew Yong aka HyugaNeji89 =)

This outing was planned for some time and succeed after few obstacles we encountered... Nearly failed =3=

Venue was Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang =)

Actually, the feeling of seeing a net friend in real life was kinda weird XD

Coz normally we just chat in msn and chiong together in Maple *last time*... and now met face in face =X

Anyway, the condition turned out better after the movie =) Not as cold as the 1st hour we met!

Totally different type of him in net and in real life.

In net: talkative, super duper perasan, 38

In real life: shy and super duper diam =.=

180 degree difference.

I assumed this was because of the 1st time we all met. But he really shy than wad i expected! =.=

This outing was indeed a special one. With 2 new friends =)

*No picture was taken, wasted! LOL*

Friday, June 26, 2009

Graduation Ceremony *Kachak!*

Sorry for the late upload =)

Foundation Graduation Ceremony Batch Jan 2009

Venue: MPH, Inti UC

Time: 3.30pm-6.30pm

Photo Together =)

Mr Loh, our Physics lecturer and friend too =)

Chee Hoe, Ken and Jason

Angeline and Me
Sher Lynn and Yee Teng

The scroll I got =)

The strips needed to be handed to the MC before we got up the stage =)
1 for Graduant and 1 for Award

The booklet given =)

A bit blur, but everyone were smiling happily =)

More pics can be found in my facebook =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WuGui Gathering

another WuGui family gathering @ Station 1 Cafe =)

2 absentees, that's jie hong and kkt =(

jie hong still at KL while KKT no transport back KU =X

Last time met them was when Times Square outing where Ker Wei and Kaihan absent =(

WuGui family wants REUNION!

I remembered what Jie Hong told me yesterday night thru sms when i said to him: "nvm lah, next time we go out together again lo..."

He replied me: "Haiz... duno still got how many next time..."

sounds so sad =(

yep... 6 of us are separated quite far apart since we graduated from secondary school... no more crapping everyday in 4S1 and 5S1... same seatings in class for 2 year in the same classroom too =) the newly built 9-classroom building beside our school field =)

We sitted in 2 row. 3 second last row and 3 last row.

Kaihan----- Ker Wei----- Huei Ying
Junn Terng----- Jie Hong----- Kok Thai

Ker Wei in Sg Long UTAR. Still considered quite near if compared to Junn Terng.

Junn Terng, Gratz! as u can persue ur dream course- Medic. Too bad u're very far away, UDM Terengganu. Strong magnetic field XD but still near if compared to Kaihan.

Kaihan will fly to Canada this coming August.

My geography not very good. But JieHong going somewhere I considered very far also. Japan in about 1 year time from now.

I will still in Inti for next 2 year plus =)

The nearest goes to Kok Thai who is studying Form 6 in High School now =) Duno where will he go next year, hope not too far away =) But if he is persuing his dream, just fly high k?

*No matter where we go, just remember WuGui forever! Friendship Forever!*

I still feel that still got many things haven't finish chatting leh =P

*time past too fast, topics too much*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduation Ceremony

It finally come to a full stop for my foundation studies.

Graduation Ceremony was held on 17 June 2009, a nice Wednesday in MPH.

Quite excited because it was a significant event for us. Got to wear that black gown made me excited too. I know I'm a bit childish. =P

Took some photo. But I forget to bring back my camera. So, no pictures today! =(

I still haven't achieve my aim to get an Excellence Award with Eileen. Our ultimate aim since 1st semester. =D Gambateh!

Thanks those who always be my side in the journey of studying =)

In this whole year, I have learnt to be more independent and gained lots of experiences in university life. I got my own stand and opinion, know how to manage many troublesome stuffs. I discovered that sometimes becoming deaf and blind in handling some issues are the best way of all.

* i was CFES-ians *

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aloha Genting!

This is my 2nd time Genting 2D1N trip this year =) The 1st time was with my college friends in last semester break =) Both was nice experience too ^^

First we checked in at about 2pm @ First World Hotel =) We were "Too lucky" in the sense that their Deluxe room were fully occupied! and we get FREE upgraded to Triple Room! =)

Oh ya! before go up to Genting, went Gohtong Memorial Park =)

Then me and my sis laughed when saw in notice board @ sumwhere near Flying Coaster =D They discriminating! LOL just joking...

If u gone missing in First World Plaza, u can wait at here! Special for "Missing Person"!

Nice decoration items themed "Charming Vietnam"

Traditional performances by Vietnam guys and gurls @ Times Square =)

FREE one Bowling Game for In-House Guests =) So, we went to Genting Bowl=)

Except me, all of them are newbies! 1st time attempt on bowling.

Second day, we went for Genting Skyway as my family never try it before. I mean the new skyway because we usually drive up there. =)

My sis said all peoples in this cable car should pay her for snapping their pic on the sky!

See! How misty was the day =)

These were our cable car tickets!

Vietnam guy craving GuanYin statue...

The reason why Genting so RICH!

Before head back to our lovely home, went to the new Orchid Farm =)

Mum bought 2 orchids from there too =) very nice...

It is located 9km from Genting. Around Awana there =)

Here is also another great place to visit everytime we went Genting =)

Nice scenery and chilly air.

We saw a huge rainbow there before =)

Cable car @ Genting Skyway

Random pic took during the 20 minutes ride =)

I did a craziest thing ever in Genting this time! Guess what?
*I brought my Mathematics notes there and study!*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

AsiaSoft Game Fest 2009

I admit that this post came very late than it should be =P

hmm... i went to this AsiaSoft Game Fest 2009 @ 1 Utama last weekend =) 1st time attended this kinda festival... feelings? not bad and quite nice too =)

These are the freebies I got from AsiaSoft =) a notebook, an installer CD and the most valuable one-- free cash items!

Let's pictures speak!

Afterthat, we went old wing coz Raymond Lam Fung and Linda Chung Kah Yan were there introducing Bio Essence products =)

Look! How crowded was the scene!

Already try to zoom to the max! I'm sure u guys will be able to distinguish which one is Raymonda and Linda =X

Oh ya! Actually before that, went for Baskin Robbins ice cream =) I like plain ice cream rather thab ice cream that is full of toppings =)

Cosplay during the GameFest =)

Some competition and tournaments going on =)

Afterthat, we went to the Secret Garden of 1 Utama =) Quite nice there... u guys should go n have a look =)

How to go:
1. Get ur tickets from the information counter which is totally free of charge.
2. Take lift to the rooftop.
3. Enjoy!

The Secret Garden is limited to 100 customers per time slot (1 hour) =)


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