Saturday, June 27, 2009

When virtual become reality...

Last Thursday, I went for Transformer =)

with kent ren, junn terng, ker wei and one special guest!

What I so called "when virtual become reality" LOL

That special guest was Mr Andrew Yong aka HyugaNeji89 =)

This outing was planned for some time and succeed after few obstacles we encountered... Nearly failed =3=

Venue was Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang =)

Actually, the feeling of seeing a net friend in real life was kinda weird XD

Coz normally we just chat in msn and chiong together in Maple *last time*... and now met face in face =X

Anyway, the condition turned out better after the movie =) Not as cold as the 1st hour we met!

Totally different type of him in net and in real life.

In net: talkative, super duper perasan, 38

In real life: shy and super duper diam =.=

180 degree difference.

I assumed this was because of the 1st time we all met. But he really shy than wad i expected! =.=

This outing was indeed a special one. With 2 new friends =)

*No picture was taken, wasted! LOL*

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