Sunday, June 21, 2009

WuGui Gathering

another WuGui family gathering @ Station 1 Cafe =)

2 absentees, that's jie hong and kkt =(

jie hong still at KL while KKT no transport back KU =X

Last time met them was when Times Square outing where Ker Wei and Kaihan absent =(

WuGui family wants REUNION!

I remembered what Jie Hong told me yesterday night thru sms when i said to him: "nvm lah, next time we go out together again lo..."

He replied me: "Haiz... duno still got how many next time..."

sounds so sad =(

yep... 6 of us are separated quite far apart since we graduated from secondary school... no more crapping everyday in 4S1 and 5S1... same seatings in class for 2 year in the same classroom too =) the newly built 9-classroom building beside our school field =)

We sitted in 2 row. 3 second last row and 3 last row.

Kaihan----- Ker Wei----- Huei Ying
Junn Terng----- Jie Hong----- Kok Thai

Ker Wei in Sg Long UTAR. Still considered quite near if compared to Junn Terng.

Junn Terng, Gratz! as u can persue ur dream course- Medic. Too bad u're very far away, UDM Terengganu. Strong magnetic field XD but still near if compared to Kaihan.

Kaihan will fly to Canada this coming August.

My geography not very good. But JieHong going somewhere I considered very far also. Japan in about 1 year time from now.

I will still in Inti for next 2 year plus =)

The nearest goes to Kok Thai who is studying Form 6 in High School now =) Duno where will he go next year, hope not too far away =) But if he is persuing his dream, just fly high k?

*No matter where we go, just remember WuGui forever! Friendship Forever!*

I still feel that still got many things haven't finish chatting leh =P

*time past too fast, topics too much*

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