Sunday, June 14, 2009

AsiaSoft Game Fest 2009

I admit that this post came very late than it should be =P

hmm... i went to this AsiaSoft Game Fest 2009 @ 1 Utama last weekend =) 1st time attended this kinda festival... feelings? not bad and quite nice too =)

These are the freebies I got from AsiaSoft =) a notebook, an installer CD and the most valuable one-- free cash items!

Let's pictures speak!

Afterthat, we went old wing coz Raymond Lam Fung and Linda Chung Kah Yan were there introducing Bio Essence products =)

Look! How crowded was the scene!

Already try to zoom to the max! I'm sure u guys will be able to distinguish which one is Raymonda and Linda =X

Oh ya! Actually before that, went for Baskin Robbins ice cream =) I like plain ice cream rather thab ice cream that is full of toppings =)

Cosplay during the GameFest =)

Some competition and tournaments going on =)

Afterthat, we went to the Secret Garden of 1 Utama =) Quite nice there... u guys should go n have a look =)

How to go:
1. Get ur tickets from the information counter which is totally free of charge.
2. Take lift to the rooftop.
3. Enjoy!

The Secret Garden is limited to 100 customers per time slot (1 hour) =)

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