Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!

7th day

We are doing good!

Waking up early everyday to fetch my brother to school, a whole new experience for me. Being less like pig in this semester break, do more house chores, learn more!

I can said that, I drive the most during these 8 days since I got my driving license!

And tomorrow is the day! Yeepee! :)

P/s: I love the way they started to do things independently when mom is away :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

FOODS and PEOPLES in Malacca

It's semester break again- my favorite moments after hectic life for 15 weeks!

To kick start my 5 weeks semester break, I went Malacca with awesome peoples- Kent Ren, Nicole and Ryan. And our tour guide this time was the not-so-genuine Malacca dude- Raymond!

We started off our journey from Inti and after 1-2 hours of drive, we finally reached Malacca. First, we visited Raymond's house and I was amazed to see huge amounts of KATAKss 田鸡 in his house. His house has ponds of KATAKss and this was my first time seeing so much KATAKss and all the stages of KATAK from tadpoles to mature KATAK :D

Due to the hungriness that strikes all of us, we kidnapped Raymond and here starts our FOODS JOURNEY!

1st stop: Jonker's Street
88 Cendol Shop! We have Baba Asam Laksa and Durian Cendols! This is my third time visiting that shop and I still not yet have to chance to taste on their FAMOUS LAKSA! :(

2nd stop: Nadeje Cafe, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall
Yum yum delicious mille crepe! If you count exactly, there are about 30 layers in a slide :) or maybe more than that depends on which one you choose :)

This is Ryan's Strawberry Chocolate!

Raymond's mini espresso which is very cute and mini in size!

The atmosphere there is nice! I like the red cozy sofa! :)

This is my cheese mille crepe! *yum yum*

After that, we went to search for Ray's RM48.80 hotel. We found it but RM48.80 is just for one guest LOL

Anyway, we stayed in Hotel Seven! Clean and tidy! *thumbs up*

See what we did in room! Credit to Kent Ren and Raymond :D

usage: to allow air-cond from outside to flow in :)

Our room!

'No photos please', what are you doing?

Rest a while in hotel and let's continue our next stop!

3rd stop: Capitol Satay

The famous Satay Celup is here! My first time trying and it was NICE! :)

Open on 5pm, if anyone want to try, come earlier to avoid long queue! According to Raymond, the queue can be very very long when night strikes! :)

You can take what you want from the fridge. Pay only what you eat :) RM0.80 per stick!

Secret recipe chilies powder and grinded groundnuts will be added into the satay celup kuah :)

Mix well and its about the time to MAKAN!

Concentrate and gan jiong-ing LOL

Had movie in the night- The Expendables! Don't ask me whether it was nice or not, I don't know =x Big portion of the time I ter-slept, argh!

4th stop: Donald's and Lily

Another famous shop in Malacca. We tried their mee siam, mee rebus, Tau Kua Rojak and cendol! I like the mee siam, it was different from what I normally eat, delicious! But for the cendol, I personally like 88 's :)

The decoration inside the old shop.

Cendol and mee siam

Tau Kua Rojak

Mee Rebus

Then we proceed to Raymond's house again. Eat another round of breakfast prepared by his mum, unable to finish everything because all of us were just too full. So bad of us =x
Thanks to Raymond and family for offering such great hospitality :)

Stopped by Seremban to buy some siew pao and egg tarts before going back!

The whole 2 days 1 night was just foods, foods and FOODS!

It was an amazing trip with all of you, hope there are more chances in the future :)


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