Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365: Push pins

6-1-2010 Push-pins

Kind of run out of idea what to capture these few days since I stay in room most of the time.

Saw this colorful box of push-pins in my drawer.

Ting-ting-ting! I chose push-pins today.

They are very useful for me to pin up papers onto my cork board. They changed a newer cork board for me during this semester break! :)

I can feel that this semester is going to be very hectic. The words told by lecturers are scaring me off!

I need textbooks for Genetics and Biochemistry! Hopefully can get a second-hand one from seniors :)

I got my first Genetics assignment today. Luckily it is a group assignment and due 4 weeks later. Got to finish it as soon as possible because workloads are going to be quite heavy after this!


  1. lolx.. me too here =) gonna be hectic here too =P haiz.. kakakaka.. al da best yea =D

  2. Whoo... I like your picture... Quite random, ya!!! Hahahaha... Not bad..... Good luck in your assignment too!!!!!

  3. I really like ur project 365^^ Looking forward to see new photo everyday~ take some with you inside the photo la :P

  4. Nick: All the best too! :)

    ah_thew: Haha random! Resulted from lack of ideas :)

    Bruce828: Thanks! I will consider that LOL



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