Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Really very long time never update my blog :(

Let's highlight some updates during this 2 weeks!

I went Dim Sum with my family last last Sunday. I love Dim Sum but I hate waking up early in the morning.

I like this the most! Crispy sesame outing with pandan lotus paste fillings :)

P1010859.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Har-Gao :)
P1010860.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Char Siew Pau :)
P1010861.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Just post up some to make you guys drooling :D *I actually snapped very few pictures because I busy eating LOL*

We all went very early because my sister have to arrive her workplace by 10am. She seems like enjoy her work so much with a bunch of crazy new friends :) Happy for her but no leave for her from now on if not mistaken because Chinese New Year is approaching and these will be the days when everyone go for a new pair of shoes! For your information, she works in a shoes shop temporary until CNY eve :)

Then last Sunday, we went Ikea, Ikano Power Center and The Curve!

Saw some CNY exhibition in Ikano Power Center.

The Bonsai. A small bonsai can cost up to RM238. I saw another one with price tag RM6999!

P1010866.jpg picture by smileaqua90

It's very hard to shoot a picture like this. I mean without anyone inside because children likes this pondok thingy. Climbing up and down non-stop!
P1010867.jpg picture by smileaqua90

So CNY feel! I love CNY! :D
P1010868.jpg picture by smileaqua90

I like this picture :) Correctly focused!
P1010869.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Red is the colour for Chinese New Year!
P1010871.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Pussy willow plant :) Parents used to put this plant as decorations in our house as decoration during CNY :)
P1010872.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Red lanterns!
P1010873.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Artificial flowers. Random shooting while waiting for mummy at Ikea :)
P1010874.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010875.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010876.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Quite sometime never been there already, and I bought a nice shirt from Kitschen! *Hint: I tried that shirt before in TS!*

I love CNY decorations in The Curve :) So nice!

Long bamboo with colourful lanterns. The happiness and prosperity feelings.
P1010877.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010878.jpg picture by smileaqua90
P1010882.jpg picture by smileaqua90

P1010883.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Wishing cards :) You can write some messages for anyone you love and hang it on the tree!

P1010886.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Preparation for Drum Performance

P1010891.jpg picture by smileaqua90

I like this :)

P1010900.jpg picture by smileaqua90

View from first floor :)
P1010902.jpg picture by smileaqua90

Oh ya! Not to forget that, I have changed my specs! Anyone noticed that? :) It's time for my old pair of specs to retire =P

P/s: I might not have time to update as frequent as I did during semester break. Life is getting busier and busier. I have tests on 3 consecutive weeks until Chinese New Year break. Non-stop assignments and lab reports too. I guess that will be the only time I can enjoy to the fullest :) Looking forward to it!


  1. Finally, an update! haha. omg, the har-gao makes me drool like waterfall. LOL!

  2. welcome back. :)

    This year cny the curve looks so nice.



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