Saturday, January 16, 2010

Times Square Outing

Sorry for not posting anything these few days, and I actually skipped Project 365 for 2 days.

Anyone noticed that? :)

I am too busy. Stacks of homework awaiting me and tests coming soon :(

Thursday was the very FUN day which I went Times Square with my friends :)

Met at 9.30am then took KTM to KL Sentral followed by Monorail to Imbi.

The whole KTM journey was suffocating and tiring. We were sardines of the day.

Standing all the way from Nilai to KL Sentral. Actually, standing isn't the main problem, but the train was so full which everyone seems to stick together. Warm air around, the feeling was just so eww!

Besides the train part, everything was just awesome! :)

Have our lunch at Room Eighteen. The foods there quite okay but not much choices actually.

I ordered Fresh Shrimp Wanton Noodles.

Ryan, Melanie and Victor

Wan Xin and Komalaa :)

Camwhore session is FUN!

We did some crazy stuffs that day. Not "some" actually, is "a lot"!

We went in many boutiques and tried out clothes that we think they are nice or even FUNNY!

One of the clothes I tried in Kitschen. Nice right? :)

I like this picture!

Times Square CNY decoration! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

"Model Photo shooting" session starts!

Ryan in Ah Beng's attire LOL

Ryan and Kent Ren in red! :)

Nenek-look! "Special" pyjamas chosen by guys :D

The outing was full with laughs and fun!

Initially we went there without any plans, but end up we have so much fun :)

My first time trying out so much clothes in a single day, I believed this was their first time too.

Looking forward more crazy outing with them :)

Visit Ryan's blog or my Facebook for more pictures!


  1. Haha~ having fun trying out new clothes^^ I notice you look quite tall~ :D

  2. haha, that is my first time doing such crazy stuffs. LOL, but it will not be the last! haha! love it!

  3. The Wanton noodles so small portion de?! Anyway, looks like you got a whale of fun there...keep smiling!

  4. have fun..Never been in Times Square yet..I think i must visit it soon..

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  5. nice pyjamas suit...
    i never wear like tat be4...

  6. that day i oso go time square with my hostel frens n kah yuong lea...din saw u all....



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