Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 365: Crystal Ball

8-1-2010 Crystal Ball

Today morning went Giant with Melanie, Wan Xin and Komalaa for some groceries shopping :)

Today is my first time taking taxi LOL

I didn't buy anything and just follow them for fun because staying in room will be very boring :(

After shopping session, we have KFC as lunch together! :)

Nice outing :)

Before going back to room, I had a really long and nice chat with Melanie. Having someone that shares similar experience understands your problem most, this is what I can said. :)

Due to 4-6pm class, I took 6.15pm bus back to Subang today.

Rain heavily on the journey.

During the way back home, I saw dark skies on my right hand side windows.

But when the bus turns, I saw beautiful sunset.

I think this phenomenon is to tell us, good thing comes after bad ones.

Be positive and everything will be alright.

Who knows on the next turning point will be beautiful and astonishing sunset? :D

Love. Life. Live


  1. Yeah..... Good things will still happen, after all!!!!!Don't give up!!!! We can do it de!!!!

  2. A lot of first time this year hor?? :)

    Its true everything has its good and bad side, so always be positive is the best way to go through life ^^

    Btw, I like that crystal ball^^ Its really hard to find a decent crystal ball in my area :|

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog...long time din come your blog the windchime!

    By the way, why's the title Project 365??

    Follow u on google and twitter too! Come back my blog soon too...if don't mind exchange links is even better!

  4. ah_thew: I believe that too :) Let's gambateh together! :)

    Bruce828: Yes! Trying out things for the first time gives the exciting feeling LOL I got that few years back, but I forget where I got it already :)

    ~Live Life~: Thanks for visiting back! About the title Project 365, u can refer back to my previous post dated Jan 1. Thanks for following and I'll visit you back! :)



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