Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365: Pre-Back To Inti

Picture for 3-1-2010

The consequences of fully-check out last semester.

This time I guess this I can called it FULLY CHECK-IN.

Took me almost 2 days to repacking my stuffs :(

These are all my belongings that need to move back to J4-17 tomorrow morning.

My new semester is starting tomorrow. Classes starting tomorrow also.

Wish me all the best! :)


  1. All the Best!!! My school will also start tomolo!!! Haiz... I wan my holidays!!!!

  2. why did you fully check out last semester?

  3. I'm already in my 2nd week of 4th semester lo~^^

    Goodluck for ur new semester ya, always will get the best result :D

  4. Gambateh..
    good afford(3rd photo ady.)^^

    Wish u well in ur new sem.

  5. Inti Nilai student too? I used to study there myself. Just completed my a-levels last sem. =)

    Anyway, all the best for your new sem! Good luck =)

  6. good luck with ur study...I miss my university life,one of the happiest moment in my life..

    Great Teacher Onizuka

  7. All the best^^

    So envy of u going to school...i miss my sch days.

  8. ah_thew: Good Luck and all the best for your new semester too! We work hard together! =)

    Baby: We was ordered by the college to fully-check out because some renovation works will be going on during the semester break :)

    Bruce828: Thanks! Good Luck for your studies too!

    Rabberbits: Thanks! :)

    Jas: Ya I'm Inti Nilai student :) Thanks!

    Eyriqazz: Thanks for your wishes :) We shall appreciate our university life before it is too late :)

    Kelvin: Thanks! =)



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