Saturday, July 25, 2009

Money fly away :(

Quite long since I last updated my blog.

Pity little bloggie :( Too bad the owner is too busy recently.. Will visit and update u more when I free har... Guai guai for the moments okies? :P

Yesterday I went back home straight after MCB class. Thanks to Kent :)

Not straight away actually. Something happened when we reached the car. His car got locked up by the guard. Really sweat.

We parked the car somewhere near academic block D. And without noticing that-- that particular parking area are just meant for Inti staffs only. If u all notice that before, the notice board is very small compared to the big area of parking zone. And the place we parked the car was much more far far away from the notice board. Some more, there is no number plate. So for common sense, who knows that place is strictly for staffs?

So we asked the guard and he told us that we needed to pay the fine with the letter at Finance Office before he can unlocked the car. RM30! What a ridiculous amount of fine with "Illegal Parking" stated in the receipt! Inti is too money-orientated and maybe this is one of the way they earn money also. Who knows?

Who will be happy after lost RM3o suddenly? Nothing to comment about. Just be careful next time and look around for any notice or sign before do anything in anywhere :(

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