Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Full Marks!

Monday we celebrated Sher Lynn's birthday at cafeteria :) We all have fun there and hope she enjoyed the celebration too :) Happy Belated Birthday again! 18 already, you're legal!

Then these few days busy study for BTE test initially falls on today. Suppose now is the time for our test. 4-6pm. Postponed suddenly by missie yesterday because Inti will be having fire drill on that particular time LOL All extra classes, tests and quizzes shall be cancelled because of that. I skipped her class yesterday so I got all these info from anza. :)

Got back my Maths and Statistics test 2 paper back on Tuesday. Surprisingly, I got full marks for my test 2. So unbelievable! As i only got half for my test 1 =X so much differ hahaha nvm my hardworks paid off XD *not much hardworks actually, just study for a night :) *

Planned to skip tml UCC class for the 1st time this semester :)

Final is coming very soon. Aug 10-14. Gambateh!

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