Monday, July 27, 2009

1 plastic bag 20 cents

Today went Ikano Power Centre with my family.

Parked at The Curve and then walked to Ikano. Mutiara Damansara has become a shopping centre city :) Bridges linking few shopping complexes together. Ikea-Ikano-The Curve-e@Curve and i guess more to come.

Went to Popular Book Fair at Ikano. I bought nothing although many books on sale up to 80%. Saw some books really sold at rather low price compared to their original price. You can easily get a book at RM3 :)

Then go Ikea. I always like Ikea showroom :) My future house must look like that. *winks* Bought something for my wardrobe there. An organiser that can use to keep small thingy, such as socks or belts :)

So after walked around the whole showroom and the market hall, we went to cashier. Realised that Ikea have implement new policy on plastic bag. Every customer that require plastic bag will be charge 20 cents for each plastic bag. U can also buy Ikea Blue Bag at Rm1.90 each.

For me, I think this is very good way to encourage people to reduce plastic bags usage and of course to bring their own shopping bags whenever they go shopping. Money is the only way to increase awareness among people to save our mother earth :)

So remember to bring ur own shopping bags next time when u go shopping ya. Reduce plastic bags usage, save our mother earth!

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