Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i dun hav any ideas wad title to put for this post... so i let it be "blank" =)

nowadays, all of us are busying with tests and lotsa other stuffs that get me hair-wired =(

Test 2 for Chemistry was completed yesterday. Not too bad gua i think =3

few more are coming soon and followed by Finals! omg =.='' one more month!

and tml we will have Quiz 2 for BTE aka Intro to Biotechnology... *haven't prepare yet =.=*

Life getting busier and busier.

Realised one thing just now during MCB class.

"Just concentrate with what I'm doing now and don't worry about others stuffs"

made me felt better when I'm tense up.. =)

Oh ya... Those "nice" memories brought by PD beach were still leaving its love marks on my legs =(

*small creatures really can brings BIG destruction!* so scary man *shivers*

Gambateh everyone!

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