Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 5 coming!


My BTE Test 1 settled! So fast so furious LOL

That signals the start of this semester first test, and will continue to have test for the following 3 weeks.

Looking forward to the weekend after Microbiology test which is 3 weeks away from now :D

Pulau Pangkor~ I'm coming!

Btw, any nice recommendations on which hotel/ resort/ chalet to book there? I never been there before, I need advices!

Yay! I looking forward coming Sunday outing with tortoises family :D

Will meet Junn Terng, Kaihan and KKT!


  1. week 5 is passed long ago, is week 12 d! update please. Rofl.

  2. Muahahaha my blog almost dead =x

    Will update when I got things to update and free LOL



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