Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Working vs Studying

Hello all! (Not sure if there's still anyone checking this blog since it has been abandoned for so long)

Frankly speaking I have forgotten the password for this blog and after multiple tries, TADAA I got it right!

The last post before this was during university time. And now, I'm a working adult who already rolling in working life for 2 years 4 months and still counting.

Working vs Studying

Which one better?

I prefer my study life (yes, life). The university time, the crazy moments with friends, holiday comes so easily (I miss semester break), random discussion and chatting session, midnight yumcha time and etc.

BUT, I do not miss "study" time. I still dislike exams. I dislike assignments.

And working life for me, means more flexibility, especially I'm working as a sales. I earn my own money, I can manage my own life better, stressful but less stressful in another sense (?). After works means after works, boss don't pay me after works, after works means it's me-time. And at least I know, if I work, I get what I should get. But less holiday. (Argh, I need holiday, badly!)

And during study, I'm 22 and below. Now I'm 25.

How fast time flies? 
See ya!

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