Friday, January 14, 2011

6th semester

6th semester in my degree made me sounds so old compared to all freshmen who just joined the big family in Inti. This is my 9th semester stayed here since May 2008.

I still remember the first semester I'm here, I was telling my friend: I feel myself so young here! And now the feeling was 180 degree different *laughs*

Time flies and I'm 21-to-be-soon! In about half month time :) Some people might not understand why I'm so excited of getting old and increasing in age isn't something happy to them. But for me, 21 meant a lot to me. I assumed.

This semester started few days ago, on Monday. This was my first time feel so reluctant to go back to Inti, to my hostel. I supposed, it was because the break was too long and I'm getting lazier day by day, maybe? Or because of something that bugging me all these days.

However, I enrolled myself at MPH hall right after I reached Inti. I received sms from Nicole and Jason telling me that, German and Japanese class were full. I was thinking in car: Yeah I guess I had no choice but to take French. Japanese was actually my first choice.

I reached MPH and met Ms Everlynn. She told me I'm the last to enrol for my batch. That time was 1pm plus. And with some sort of sad face, she told me, SSC class was full too.

But thanks God, I still managed to enrol for 4 subjects. Thanks Ms Everlynn for kept on trying, I got a place in Japanese class! And the other 3 core subjects I am taking this semester was Bioinstrumentation, Genomics and Biotechnology Practice.

Met CF's Jason on the way to 8am class the next day, and he told me that his friend managed to get a seat in SSC class. They opened new classes and he asked to me to inquire at MPH. I was overjoyed when I finally got a slot in Learning Skills class. Knowing that I might not know any classmates in my Japanese and Learning Skills class, I still okay with that, I can make new friends! :)

Another mess came in when I went back to my room. I can't start my laptop. Sent it to Brothers PC Shop and the technicians there told me, it might be the motherboard problem. I experienced the feeling of ultimate loneliness during the first week in Inti. No internet access, no laptop, no homework, no books to read, can't sleep due to I slept too much! and I'm again over excited when Melanie told me, Friday is Negeri Sembilan's holiday! :)

Another happy news is, I met Boon Teck in my Learning Skills class! And now I know Kah Hui will be there with us too :)

I went back home after Wednesday 10am-12pm class. Skipped Thursday 4-6pm class. Went to Acer Service Centre HQ at Subang Jaya with my dad, my poor laptop is inspected to die from 'Motherboard Cancer'.

R.I.P. my lappie!

Good things always come after the bad. So I got a new baby lappie! :)

In such short time, I experienced a lot. Things get solved up one by one. That's why I said, ' Most of the things started in a messy way but thanks God, all ends nicely!

P/s: I finally made one thing clear, it is very clear now! I think it's time for me to move on :)

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