Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wad? no electricity?

"it was a wonderful n romantic nite again laz nite...

OMG! no electricity again...

when i start on9 at bout 9pm... de electricity went off for 2 times oredi... but resume after few seconds... luckily i'm using laptop bt pity my sis who r using desktop who keep restart her computer... pity her n dat computer oso F3

den i gt ntg to do n watch kungfu panda..."

dis is wad i type on 8pm+ =.= (autosaved)

b4 electricity went off AGAIN tonite =.=

jz nw i tot after blogging i wan continue to watch my kungfu panda coz ytd nite i watch halfway... laptop low battery jor... F3

mana tau... SWT

haiz... no electricity pity my hands n legs... so many mosquitoes love sign =.=

Thx to andrew n yuong... i really enjoyz my free sauna n romantic nite XD


  1. You're welcome ^.^

  2. =.='''lolz...but i quite like da feeling huh...XD in da nite...if no electricity at afternoon...i go and bomb the TNB...XD



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