Monday, July 21, 2008

Paper aeroplane =D

hahaz~ ytd nite i threw my english process essay question paper from my room's window... coz i lazy to walk downstair n walk bac up again... so kent suggested how bout i throw from my room n they catch it downstair... =.=

so i went up my room... took dat paper n prepare to throw... den suddenly i heard sum1 said: "make it an aeroplane!" den i jz follow lo... after 1 min, my "aeroplane" done =.=

finally... my "aeroplane" take off...

mana tau... =.= after flew for few sec, my "aeroplane" terbabas... >< n flew to other's room window which is located at third floor =.= it is J3-16 if not mistaken XD then... no choice lo... kent cannot do his essay oredi... coz no question paper... he oso told me he not goin to do oredi... but at last he done it 2dy morning at 6.30am XD hardworking oh *clap clap* ^^

Today... some miracles happened!

dat "aeroplane" flew to kent's room XD and he took it n showed to me jz now! unbelievable rite?

hahaz~ jz joking XD dat is wad kent told me =.= ACTUAL case is...

after accompany me bac to my block, kent found dat "aeroplane" sumwhere near my block... i guessed dat ppl got dat "aeroplane" n tried to open n see wad is inside the paper... afterdat, she folded the paper again to become another "aeroplane" den threw it~ then it landed n kent found it =.= coz the shape of the aeroplane not like how i folded ytd nite... but dat is my paper... lolz

quite funny incident rite? XD

p/s: v played v paper "sampan" laz week when it was raining heavily... those passed-by us keep looking at these childish college students XD hmm... v r not childish kays? v r young! mentally n physically =D

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