Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CFES's Spirit =)

ytd v gt physics class n mpw test... the mpw test is quite easy (i think so =.= ) but i think it is quite tricky at the same time... so i don't know whether i did it correctly onot >< v oso get to know v'll b having physics test 2 soon =.=

v went for our dinner at 6.45pm at usual... at al-salam... den after dinner, v all do our physics lab report togehter at dining hall... i did the aim, procedure, precautions n calculation parts... afterdat, v all went sport hall to kacau the orientation activities for jpa students... v r seniors for 2 months lolz... v jz sit at the side there... so at first, they helped me to tie my hair den duno y sudd played v my hairs =.= n took many ugly photosss... >< ugly n scary =.= dis is cfes's spirit... like few days ago, many of us play "train"... v hold each other jacket (coz dat day very cold... raining whole nite) n walk from LRC to cafeteria... many ppl looking at us lolz... according to them, cfes oni do stuffs that mensia-suikan only... not sia-sui one v normally don't do... =.= cfes stil gt wad sia-sui things havent do de? =.= dis is de spirit of college student lolz XD v r intians!

den 2dy, v gt 8-10am english class... ms malini seems like nt in gud mood... so she wan those students who din complete their homework to stand up in class n oni can sit down after they answer question. dis make me quite shocked coz normally lecturer wun do like dis =.= bt luckily i did it b4 i slept ytd nite =)

2-4pm v gt physics lab... again... v did smtg really outstanding lolz XD v sit outside the lab while waiting for mr loh to come n open de lab door... while waiting, all of us r too boring... so they planned to sing sum songs when v saw sum1 coming to our direction hahaz... v made them "swt" XD spirit of cfes n college student again =)

to: kent n vic
v are pinkish gang today! hahaz

to: win loon n ryan
those photoss nt gud for health... delete it bah =X

to: all my lovely friends
i love u all n friendship forever =)

to: my family
dun jealous... i love u all too =) muackss F3


  1. erh hemm...who wan jealous??? XD...

  2. did u forget my part? but then i won jealous oso =.=

  3. lolz~ u oredi included there le... =.= i know u jealous-ing... wahaha XD



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