Friday, July 4, 2008

Dinner time ><

scene after dinner =.=
ryan n win loon LOOK after eating dragon fruits =.=

makan-ing =)
our specially prepared mee... lolz
chicken sausages...
cincau drink =)
omg... i duno wad v all doin =.=

masak in progress...

kent - 1 of our chef XD

busy cooking sausages... hahaz

giant sausages... save $...
cincau =)
ryan - another chef
ryan king 2nd take ^^

kent act cute again =.=
our simple cooking utensils... make gorgor nearly pengsan lolz...
Perencah Nasi Goreng =)
Buruh Minyak Masak Bertapis
Whose hand is dis? O.o

ytd v went giant supermarket in nilai after class to buy sumting needed for our dinner cooking session... my 1st time cook in college hahaz...
our budget is only rm30+... so v chose all ingredients wisely... hahaz
den v start at 6.30pm... seems like v r lacking lotsa things... dis made gorgor nearly faint... LOLz he quickly called his friends to help us out XD
althought the taste is nt super delicious... but it is quite nice oso =) after eating de mee... v hav cincau drinks oso ^^

Next time v'll hav steamboat n fried rice... i tink so... XD


  1. Omg , tat noodles really close my appetite le ... eat jor anyone got stomachache mah ? LoL , anyway college need cooking class de meh ?

  2. erh hemm...@_@ SHOCK~!

    u really eat that???0.0

    u should thx god because u still living...XD

    okay...juz kidding...XD

    got a bit disgusting but still okay...compared to the mi hun kuey we eat when mama and papa went taiwan...XD

  3. lolz~ dat mi hun kuey i rmb forever XD



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