Friday, July 18, 2008


yay~ finally phy n chm test 2 over...

jz nw really pek chek when doin phy test... so many questions i duno how to do T-T haiz... nvm la... it's over =.=

dis week is really a very busy week... n de happy thing is dis week is over n today is my favourite friday again XD

ytd, i spent whole nite doin revision for phy n chm... from 8pm to 2.30am =.= i read everything again to refresh my memory n read those i havent revise... luckily i took nap after class ytd.... or else i sure pancing ikan whole nite =D

Task to complete dis weekend:
- english essays (process n pie chart)
- slides for mpw presentation (tuesday)
- lab reports
- chm presentation on monday =)

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