Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Instructions : Remove one question from below and add in your own question, make it a total 20 questions. Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?
~hmm~ nv think b4 oh... =)

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?

3. Do you smoke?
~Of coz nope

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
~question papers for physics n chemistry test 2 XD
~holidays XD

5. Who did you text most lately?
~junn terng

6. How old are you?
~ 18 =)

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
~my favourite shirt XD

8. Wad is ur definition for perfect bf/gf?
~nice n caring

9. Where do you wish to get married ?
~havent think b4 oh... lemme think 1st =D

10. Getting marry is going to heaven or grave?
~heaven i tink... bt sum told us is grave XD

11. How many kids do you want?

12. Are you in love?

13. Do you cheated by other people[s] before? Who?
~Yes.. frenz =.=

14. Name the latest book you bought?
~textbook F3

15. Do you believe in God?

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
~cycling ^^

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.

18. The most exciting place you want to go?

19. Hugs or Kisses?

20. Single or attached?

21. (BONUS) Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
~ pek kuan... easy going, nice, taekwondo's lover, sit beside me when form 1, her grandma's hse is near my hse =)

I tagged:
win loon, anza, mathew, miin =D


  1. zzz...i tagged when i i as bz as u do...=.='''

    if i still remember...ofcoarse...XD

  2. swt , answer so random de ... more detail la , sharing is caring rite ? ^o^V



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