Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday night

it's sunday nite n i'm bac to inti once again =)

when i start study here, i hate sunday the most... coz i needa bac to hostel after spending my great time in my lovely home for 2 days... but nowadays de feelings nt there oredi XD maybe is becoz i oredi get used to it n i hav lotsa great frens here~

hmm... i oredi been here for almost 3 months... Inti hostel hav become my second home... i sleep in J4-17 more than my "twin-sharing room" in my hse after college life start... i oredi get used walking up 4th floor althought sumtimes it is super tiring =.= one hint when walking up the stairss: walk slow n steady, do not rush XD dis vil make u feel better.. hahaz

every morning i hav to set my own alarm n wake up myself... no more automatic alarm from mama =X everytime when i go bac home at friday, i hav a new hobby... dat is telling mama assorted stories n happenings during my days in college... she alwiz confused v my friends' names... hahaz coz she nv see my college classmates n friends b4 lolz... not like laz time when secondary skul, she knows quite many of my frens coz v noe each others for quite long time oredi =) mama, dis is a new challenge for u oh ^^

this week timetables:
Monday - 8-10am english
10-12pm chemistry ( v hav presentation!)
2-4pm maths

Tuesday - 8-10am physics
2-4pm mpw presentation! n chemistry replacement class

Wednesday - 8-10am english

Thursday - 10-12pm maths

Friday - 10-12pm chemistry
2-4pm physics

i love wed n thurs de most XD wahaha~


  1. hey girl...hope you dun 4get that whr is ur hse...some word is irritating...not for mama... you noe, maybe you feel ntg but it's a worry for someone else... try to hear da deepest part of the heart the one u love... dun hurt them... k?

  2. zzz~ i din forget where is my home =.= i dun mean anyting else in my entry... so u dun too sensitive kays? i dunwan to hurt anyone... i duno my post hav so many others meaning for u or as you said mama... takkan u wan me every sunday masam muka bac to inti baru u n mama happy meh? i dun tink she vil happy if i like dat lo =.= rmb... i nv forget where is my hse n i stil love my home...



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