Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who am i?

who am i?

can somebody tell me?

who am i to you?

i suddenly think of this question...

am i your friend?

good friend?

so-so friend?

best buddy?

am i nothing?

forever friend?

n another question...

young = inmatured?

18 = young?

wad is mature?

how to considered ones as mature?



  1. Hi friend i am danish your question is nice and the way you answered is interesting. No one is nothing,
    everybody in the world have some special and uniq talent

    Normally every body get mature at the age of 21-22 in that stage only they can think correctly and make decisions and some body at the age 17
    And also visit my blog www.valueinfo.blogspot.com

  2. thx for ur comment =) ya.. i suppose everyone in dis world have their own value... nice day~

  3. Who am i ?
    I am spiderman ...



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