Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm happy =)

yeah~ i tink i told u all b4 i miss my grandma so much rite? jz now after dinner, v went klang parade shopping for some groceries... den afterdat, i tot v r goin bac hse... mana tau... papa agreed to fetch us to grandma's hse XD

i met my grandma n aunts =D i oredi din meet them for bout 2 months... miss them so much... muahahaha my aunt n grandma oso very happy to see me... popo wanna check whether i got grow fatter o become slimmer o taller onot XD they said got fatter oh =.= but height of coz no la... i dunwan to grow taller oso... i'm satisfied v my height XD

hehez~ den v chat for a while lor... bout my college life n sum other things... my sis told me my hokkien very funny =.= sumtimes i speak hokkien v my grandma coz she usually speak hokkien to us... but sumtimes she talk in hokkien but i reply in hua yu XD den my aunt noe our problem... so she usually speak hua yu v us =.= i can speak hokkien la... jz sound a bit weird =.=

stil rmb laz time when i'm stil study in kindergarten... i can speak hokkien fluently... coz i stay v my grandma (father side)... bt after she moved to stay v my uncle... i seldom speak hokkien coz v speak hua yu in hse n v frenss...

popo n ah yi... our next dating vil be 3 weeks later... see ya ^^

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  1. kindergarden = wrong
    kindergarten = correct



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