Thursday, July 10, 2008

BBQ dinner ^^

Date: 9 July 2008

Time: 8pm

Venue: Inti BBQ pit

- to enjoyz ourselves aka syok sendiri XD
- to celebrate melanie's birthday
- to hav our dinner

Who: Lunch and Dinner gang =)

First, after 4pm class, kent fetch few of them to giant to buy our bbq stuffs... i din join coz i gt secret meeting v yuong n louis XD v chat at block R there until 5.50pm... wahaha =) den at 7pm smtg, v accompany kent to giant again to pick up de pre-order birthday cake...

afterdat, our BBQ time start! v all hav fun there... after makan, v hav a long chat while waiting for 12am to arrive... hahaz v chat bout lotsa stuffs... but mostly about love stories n experiences...

12am finally arrived~ Happy Birthday to Melanie...

afterdat, v continue our chatting session... go bac to my room at bout 1am ++

p/s: i met yee xin today in inti =)

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