Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summary =D

psps~ it has been few days i nv blog... busy-ing v many things...

dis is the summary from sunday to wednesday XD

during the scholarship give away ceremony in hokkien association, i met many ex-classmates n friendss XD ker wei, kaihan, jie hong, boon kuan, yan kiat, shu yi, hui sin, say yang.... so happy... so long din meet them oredi... lotsa things to chat bt duno needa start from where hahaz~ afterdat when went jusco v mama, i met yen loo n tze wei... hahaz

Our chemistry presentation cancelled~ postponed to next monday... n next tuesday i got mpw presentation...
after makan dat super un-delicious tomyam mee, v went haunted mansion =) the group included me, kent, win loon, angeline, victor, kah yuong, louis n yoyo~ v divided ourselves into 2 groups... in our group, angeline shouted n screamed the most =D
Haunted Mansion rated ***

Louis, Kent, Win Loon n sum other classmates got their mpw presentation =) sum of us went there to giv support XD at nite when v doin physics lab report at block N, all of us playing v yoyo's hair clips XD those guys looks cute v de hairpin esp victor wahaha

after super boring english class, 4 of us walked bac together as usual... den v chat at block N downstair there for quite sometimes... afterdat v fold paper sampan n put in water LOL made those pass by us suddenly SWT hahaz afterdat v moved to block K common room n continue our chat till 12.30pm... =)

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