Sunday, July 6, 2008

Before * After

Life Before 30 April 2008:

- Go popo's hse every Sunday nite
- Wake up 6.15am every Monday to Friday when i still a high school student
- Chat n play v frens in class
- Feel boring goin tuition in Delta every Tuesday, Thursday n Saturday
- Meet teachers n friends almost everyday
- Eat in Eng Ann stalls until duno wad to eat
- Go Eng Ann almost everyday
- Eat in school canteen everyday till sienz
- Go shopping almost every Sunday to KL
- Feel ntg special bout mama's dishes n foods in Klang
- Go Sunway Pyramid o gaigai v frens easily
- Go pasar malam on thursday
- Mapling v frens

Life After 30-4-2008:

- I wan go popo's hse coz it has been a very long time i nv meet popo n aunts... miss ><
- Wake up depends on my class schedule
- When in high school, v alwiz chat n play when teacher teaching esp form 4 n 5... (during certain classes XD)
- Now, sumtimes miss my time in Delta
- After graduate, i nv meet my teachers n hardly meet my classmates o schoolmates... Best friends oso T-T all r so busy...
- I miss Eng Ann foods...
- Nowadays i seldom pass by Eng Ann le... T.T
- I miss keropok n yee mee in school... ker wei n my secret recipe on dat mee XD
- I miss Mid Valley, Ikano, Times Square...
- I miss mama's dishes n all foods i used to eat laz time
- Now all of them are so busy... our outing plan keep fail =.=
- Long time din go pasar malam le... I wan yoyo ice, rojak...
- Din touch maple for so long le... miss de time v chiong level 2gether n xplore the maps... =)

I miss those time... Doesnt mean dat my days nowadays not gud... it is interesting oso =) jz dat my life change a lot after i start my college life...

I only know how to appreciate them now T-T

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  1. lolz...but it's hard to appreciate them when u are still have will never noe how wonderful it am i...XD...juz finished tuisyen and my +math hw too much for me to finish it...=.='''and...arghhhh... now i having 3 ketua in my hand and i have no idea wad shud i do...(leceh saja...T_T)wad perhiasan and papan notis...>_< want do sei me meh??? waaaa~~~~!!!!(nonid pity me and giv me dis type of ketua...不希罕-3- F3)



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