Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OMG~ 1st time Experience ><

8th July 2008 (Tuesday)

today 8tv came to our campus n got a roadshow to search for da ultimate prom king n queen... while walking bac after lunch from cafeteria to my hostel... 2 girls gave me the brochure n registration form... actually i dunhav any interest in taking part >< but yuong heard wad dat girl said to me =.= so she told louis n kent... they took dat form n simply fill in... den i tot it is de end of the story... so i kept dat form...

BUT... after the class... they dragged me to the roadshow and help me filled in another form... n under sum incidents... finally i took part =.=

first, there was a make over session... make me so nervous n tension zzz... first time sit there n make up in front of so many ppl =.= it took bout 30min... but the end product... ehm ehm... i so shocked when see myself in de mirror =.= nt like me... i prefer myself w/o dat make up lolz...

den afterdat was the photography session... swt i duno hw to posing la... so my friends said i jz gt 1 pose nia =.= the photographer gt showed me few samples... but after taking 3-5 photos, finally the photographer chose 1 most suitable one v another 8tv gal =) gan jiong sei me =.= actually when taking photo dat time, i gan jiong until duno how to smile... my face nearly kejang =.= n my hands n legs shaking =.=

den afterdat got interview session sumore... so i jz hold the mic n ans de questions they asked... sumting like introduce myself, reasons for them 2 choose u as ultimate prom queen, wad is the criteria of ultimate prom king n etc...

phew... then de session finally finished... super nervous =.=

thx to yuong for borrowing her face cleansing stuffs...
thx cfes gang support...

actually... it is a chance to experience different things when v r still young... althought in de first i refuse to participate n being dragged there =.= Spirit of college student n CFES rox =)

hmm... i oso quite shocked v my courage when signing dat form... wad i think dat time is... since they oredi filled in the form for me, jz paricipate oni la... but actually i super nervous =.=

Bravo! I have complete another 1st time in my life~


  1. walau~!!! got photo???i wan seeeeee~~~~~~~ *_*

  2. Woah , a soon to be star !!! Don worry , u sure can de ... Wonder when u will approach on tv hahahaz ... TO VOTE HUEI YING AS YOUR FAVOURITE PROM QUEEN , TYPE HY AND SEND TO 33322

  3. Ops nearly forgot ... i oso wan see photos !!!

  4. lolz~ so much confident in me? =.= hahaz



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