Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday again

it's monday again...

monday is de most tiring day coz v hav 6 hrs class + monday blue =.=

but anyway it's stil ok for me la... =)

hmm... 2mr hav mpw test le... duno wad question vil b coming out leh O.o i vil try my best to answer bt if dat dimensions of integration come out... i straight FAINT @@

during chemistry class, win loon, alvin, ken n yoyo got their very first presentation on boyle's law =) they look great in their formal wear...

den 2dy dinner, louis gorgor 1 vs 5 gals XD yuong said he more xing fu than vic lolz... coz when swimming dat time vic vs 4 gals XD hehez gorgor said his mouth very heavy 2dy =.= hopefully lighter 2mr... hahaz

* i keep wondering dat rumour is true onot... hmm... i vil go n ask him if gt chance XD
* sum1 pls dun biadab when sms n talking =.='' check properly b4 asking... dun simply make assumption ><
* get well soon, soh fifi =)


  1. wad rumour? @_@...i want to noe~~~~XD tell me huh??? plzzzz~~

  2. lolz~ dun 8gua la... if i tell u oredi u oso duno wad happen XD



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