Saturday, June 14, 2008

Inti Carnival~

MPH is a hall... nt a bookstore... hahaz XD
Performances (a bit blur blur ><)
1 of de games... i tried b4 in A' Famosa cowboy town =)
Sticky Jump
Another game... i duno de name =.=

Leo's Club stall
Temporary Tattoo n face painting
Street scene... dat time stil early so nt crowded yet XD
Face painting group...
Temporary Tattoo... can lasts for 4-7 days =)

614 is a big day for inti uc~

Inti Carnival!

Firstly i go MPH there v yuong n eileen... then sum1 informed us they all bz in block P =.= so v hav to walk bac to block P n help them up... distance= super far =.= bt if they told us earlier, distance = super near from our hostel block =.=

afterdat, v all help them in preparation of de foods n drinks... wad i wanna comment is: if u saw de way they prepare de drinks, most probably u would like to hav plain water instead of de ice lemon tea ><

den i folo other club members go n sell de foods n drinks around de campus... it's a hard job althought sum may think it is quite easy =X

hmm~ i gt de chance to steal bones aka curi tulang when de stall nt so bz~ i go n walk walk around de carnival area near de mph there n squeeze in de hall to take a look on wad is happening inside there XD at de same time, i met sum frens from my former secondary school ^^ so happy~ coz it's hard to meet any familiar faces in inti =) they all study in inti subang XD 2dy all inti branches (can say lidat hor?) sent sum of their students n lecturers o even their workers here to join de fun... dis included inti subang, inti genting, metropolitan college.....

i needa go bac at 12pm.. so i left de venue on 11.15am den go bac room take my bags... afterdat walk bac to the bus stop... so tired T.T bus reach at 12.15pm... reach subang at 1.00pm.. =.=

2dy wake up at 6am... supposed to wake up at 5.30am de =X hahaz

*Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.

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